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Wanderlei Silva accuses UFC of 'slavery,' says he can fight wherever he wants

In a recurring theme, Wanderlei Silva isn't happy with the UFC. This time it appears that they may have shut down the ridiculous idea of the suspended Silva fighting the suspended Chael Sonnen in Brazil while both are still under contract.

Josh Hedges, Zuffa LLC

Wanderlei Silva spent years as one of the most beloved fighters in the sport of mixed martial arts, but he's finishing out his career with the sort of behavior that will forever taint his image.

It began when Silva ran out the back door of his gym to avoid an out of competition drug test from the Nevada State Athletic Commission and has continued while he repeatedly acts as though the matter has been decided and that he's free to fight wherever, whenever.

Silva reportedly agreed to a fight with Chael Sonnen that XFC would host in Brazil. While Sonnen hadn't accepted and Silva is already suspended (as is Sonnen)--not to mention both still have active contracts--it was more of the same from Silva, who appears content to act as though his drug test troubles are behind him.

It appears that the UFC may have made it clear to Silva that there would be no fights for other promotions, as Silva tweeted:

This was translated by MMA Fighting reporter Guilherme Cruz:

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, Wanderlei...But no, no you can't.