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MMA 3-Way: Thanksgiving Ingratitude Special

On this festive day dedicated solely to the concept of thankfulness, like a cantankerous trio of Ebenezer Scrooges on Christmas, Nate, Dallas and Eugene each share one gripe about today's state of MMA.

While the devious mind that orchestrated such a blasphemous discussion on Thanksgiving remains clouded in mystery, alas, herein the Bloody Elbow panelists lay out their MMA grievances. Before you discard the content as tiresome and monotonous complaining, please consider that the unsightly congregation before you has individually dedicated nearly two decades of their semi-precious lives to the intense and bittersweet beauty of mixed martial arts.

Passion is what drew us to this sport, and also what inevitably lured us into pursuing a deeper role within it. Therefore, our opinions and desires pertaining to the sport's past, present and future are simply passionate as well. MMA is not a high-fiving Saturday night nor a casual hobby to us; it occupies a chunk of our soul and has become a thread in the fabric of everyday life. So please don't hate us because we're bitching about stuff on Thanksgiving.

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