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Vitor Belfort says that he is better now without TRT: 'It was wonderful'

"The Phenom" has no doubt of his improvement after stopping "a boring and bothering treatment".

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Vitor Belfort is sure that he's now a better fighter than he was when using TRT. Previously a strong defender of the therapy usage, "The Phenom" told SporTv that the ban imposed by NSAC and the UFC brought benefits for him and helped his improvement. Before the prohibition, Belfort was caught with a higher level of testosterone than what was allowed on a test last February.

"It was better for me (the end of TRT) because I left a boring treatment that was bothering me, and now I'm stronger, lighter and faster. So, for me, it was wonderful. Doesn't matter what my blood says, nor the result of the blood test. What matters is what is in my head. It was banned? There is no problem. I took 2014 to improve some techniques. I know that is hard to believe but I'm better now. I have been improving my skills, my kicks, my boxing, my endurance, my grappling, my strength and my footwork."

Better or not than the "TRT Belfort", the once again Middleweight title challenger will have his ultimate test against the champion Chris Weidman at UFC 184, on February of 2015.