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Knuckle Up #390: Edgar, Swanson, Pacquiao, Metamoris + Shame + Picks 100 % Wrong 100 % of the Time

Bloody Elbow's literary gunslinger Eugene S. Robinson lends his "one"-of-a-"kind" perspective to self-flagellation, bitter recrimination and an excoriating examination of the "what the hell am I even doing here?" variety during an evening when his picks were all wrong, all of the time, across sports, and organizations, up to and including, well, everything.

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In Round #390 EUGENE S. ROBINSON [with the "S" standing for "SeaBreeze"], titular head of KNUCKLE UP and backhanded complimenter, crawls through the mud and humble pie with a mouthful of crow as he mourns his worst work ever in picking not a single winner during a weekend that saw him prognosticating UFC FIGHT NIGHT, the PACQUIAO-ALGIERI match-up, METAMORIS, girls soccer, Japanese Little League and Shuffleboard. Somewhere.

On top of that, in sort of compensatory fashion he details drug usage gone dangerously awry, in brief: Nazis, and unremembered story of filth and flesh, and a few unkind things about guys what can probably beat his head in with great ease.

And Day #9 of Please Get MARIO YAMAZAKI To Stop With All the Hand Signaling.

Eugene S. Robinson host of Knuckle Up and author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking [Harper Collins], A LONG SLOW SCREW[Robotic Boot] and a play called THE INIMITABLE SOUNDS OF LOVE; A THREESOME IN FOUR ACTS [Southern] also sings for a band called OXBOW and appeared in Bill Cosby's Leonard Part 6, a Miller Genuine Draft commercial, and had his own TV show in Germany called? "The Eugene Robinson Show."

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