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Frankie Edgar believes he deserves next shot at Jose Aldo: ‘I got tunnel vision on that title’

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Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar believes he has done enough to earn a rematch against Jose Aldo over the coming months.

Esther Lin

Following his commanding performance against Cub Swanson, where he recorded the latest finish in UFC history with four seconds left, Frankie Edgar believes he has done enough to warrant the next title shot against featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo.

Edgar, who has already faced Aldo previously and lost a competitive decision to the Brazilian, thinks that since he defeated a fighter who was "promised" the next title shot, he should logically get slotted in that place instead of the fallen fighter.

"This had a little more implications just because that title shot's looming, and certain people were promised it," Edgar said on the FOX Sports 1 post-fight show. "I just beat the guy who was promised it, so I'm hoping I take that spot.

"I got tunnel vision on that title."

Apart from his victory over Swanson, Edgar revealed that his experience in title fights makes him a legitimate threat to Aldo's crown.

"Based on what Cub has done in his past six or seven fights, the tear he's been on, and being able to go out there and finish him -- I would've loved to have done it a little quicker -- but I think I've done enough. Based on everything else I've done in my career, I think I'm that guy."

However, while Edgar may have proven himself to be arguably the No. 2 fighter in the 145-pound division, he will likely watch the title shot slip from his grasp if Irishman Conor McGregor is victorious in his January encounter with Dennis Siver.

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