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UFC Fight Night 57 results: Frankie Edgar dominates and submits Cub Swanson

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Frankie Edgar gave Cub Swanson a thorough beating and picked up an ultra-late submission win in the main event of UFC Fight Night 57.

Esther Lin

Former champion Frankie Edgar entered his UFC Fight Night 57 fight with Cub Swanson as a favorite, but not much of one. Swanson was on a long winning streak and had a lot of momentum coming in, and some were wondering if Edgar was starting to regress.

Well, he's not.

Edgar schooled Swanson for almost four full rounds, completing seven takedowns and controlling large chunks of every stanza on the ground. He busted Swanson open, landed a ton of ground strikes, and easily had the scorecards going into the final round. That wasn't enough for him though, he wanted the finish. And after attempting a few different submissions, he finally got it - at 4:56 of the fifth round.

The boxing was fairly even for most of the first round - Swanson was landing the harder shots but Edgar was landing with a little more volume. Swanson got a little wild in one sequence and Edgar used the opportunity to take him down. They weren't on the floor long, but Edgar got another late takedown that probably sealed the round for him.

Swanson got off to a good start in the second, landing a nice uppercut and doing some good body work, but he got taken down and Edgar beat him up from there for the entire rest of the round. Swanson had a cut opened over his eye from a shot while they were still on the feet, and Edgar drew a lot of blood out of it on the floor, even moving to mount near the end of the round.

The third and fourth looked a lot like the second - Edgar got a takedown after a minute and controlled Swanson on the mat quite handily. He also dropped a lot of shots and clearly took another two rounds on the cards.

By the fifth Swanson's right eye was pretty swollen and he didn't last any longer on the feet than he did in any other round. Edgar looked hard for the finish, locking up a couple of guillotine  chokes and an arm-triangle choke but Swanson survived. Finally he sunk a choke and picked up what I believe was the latest submission win in UFC history

The win may have earned Edgar a second shot at UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo, and was one of the most dominant performance's of the former lightweight champ's excellent UFC career.