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UFN 57 prelims results: Vick, Narvaez and Magomedov pick up wins

While the first three bouts on the UFC Fight Night 57 card all finished early, the next three all went to decision.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC Fight Night 57 prelims closed out with three bouts that featured some decent action, but no finishes. One of them featured some pretty wonky judging too, but luckily it didn't effect the outcome of the fight. All of the fights did feature knockdowns though, so that was fun.

The first bout saw tall lightweight James Vick struggle with smaller opponent Nick Hein early, getting dropped twice in the first round. He managed to adjust and performed much better in the final two stanzas, doing enough to take a unanimous decision on the judge's scorecards. Bizarrely, two judges actually gave the first round to Vick despite getting clubbered. Go Texas.

The next bout took place in the middleweight division, with the UK's Luke Barnatt meeting Texan Roger Narvaez. The first two rounds were slow, but close. The third round saw Narvaez take over, dropping Barnatt and almost finishing him with chokes a couple of times. Barnatt made it to the final bell, but dropped a split decision.

Finally, Ruslan Magomedov faced off with Josh Copeland in a heavyweight bout. Magomedov showed off an excellent kicking game and was much faster than his portly opponent, and he cruised to a unanimous decision victory.