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UFC Fight Night 57: Edgar vs. Swanson live results, play by play and discussion

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Live coverage of tonight's Fight Night card from Texas, starring top-shelf featherweights Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson.

Stop by tonight at 7 p.m. ET for live results and play by play as UFC Fight Night: Edgar vs. Swanson touches off from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas.

Fiery featherweights Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson duel in the showcase bout while lightweights Edson Barboza and Bobby Green fill the co-main event slot. Also on the card: beefy heavyweight wrestler Jake Rosholt draws crafty submissionist Oleksiy Oliynyk, newly turned flyweight Brad Pickett meets Chico Camus, elite flyweights Joseph Benavidez and Dustin Ortiz tangle, and the return of feisty lightweight Matt Wiman, who takes on Isaac Vallie-Flagg.

UFC Fight Night 57: Edgar vs. Swanson

Frankie Edgar vs. Cub Swanson

R1: Swanson threatens with quick left hands while shuffling left and staying light on his feet. Edgar darts in and changes levels but Swanson shucks it off and uncoils a snapping lead right that gets through. No dice on Edgar's second takedown attempt. Fast right and left get through for Swanson and his outside low kick lifts Edgar's leg off the ground. Edgar gets in on a single but Swanson's balance and footwork allow him to backpedal out of it.

Lead right grazes for Swanson and Edgar's late on his counter. Swanson misses with a big right but he leads with a low kick and it lands. Edgar ducks under Swanson's next flurry and lands a double leg. Swanson boots him off to make space and stand up. Edgar scores with a left body kick, then a short right. Edgar works an outside trip and hits it to close the round. 10-10 for an even round with no clear winner.

R2: Swanson glances with a lead uppercut. Swanson building some rhythm as he lands two shots to the body, then a low kick that takes Edgar's footing out. Edgar responds with a jolting right hand that forces a smile from Cub. Edgar shoots a double and, after a little work, completes it. High half guard for Edgar with a cross-face. Two right hands land for Edgar.

Swanson is surprisingly static and inactive from his guard, seeking wrist and posture control. A topside elbow from Edgar intensifies a cut on Swanson's face and it's bleeding freely now. Swanson blocks a pair of Edgar elbows but the third gets through. Swanson pursues a sweep but Edgar shuts it down and nearly mounts. 10-9 Edgar.

R3: Edgar comes out behind a triple jab. Edgar shoots and catches Swanson in the rear waist lock as he's retreating and nails a double leg as Swanson tries to spin out. Back in half guard, Edgar resumes his steady clip of short punches and elbows while looking to pass. Now some big left hands for Edgar, then a series of rights that force Swanson into an escape attempt.

Edgar uses the knee-pin pass to mount the bloodied Swanson but it's brief as Cub retains half guard. Edgar maintains positions while staying busy with punches. A knee to the ribs for Edgar on top. 10-9 Edgar.

R4: Swanson heaves a pair of heavy hooks to keep Edgar at bay, then vaults in with a left body kick. Edgar times a duck-under takedown perfectly and has to work hard to complete it. Nevertheless, Edgar ends up back on top in half guard. After softening him up with a few punches, Edgar's able to slip his leg out and attain full mount before the round's halfway mark.

Its a steady flow of punches and elbows from Edgar on top. Swanson creates space but it's not enough for a get-up, and Edgar stays glued chest to chest. Now it's back to full mount for Edgar and his punching output is amplifying. Swanson regains half guard but Edgar passes to mount again. Swanson sits up and scoots his legs out, then manages to take a knee and stand with about 20 seconds left. 10-9 Edgar.

R5: Edgar pops him with a fast combo but can't find the takedown. Edgar stays patient and hits a double leg as Swanson's throwing a kick, landing in full guard. Edgar passes methodically to half guard but this time cinches on a topside guillotine -- Swanson turns the clock on his back to loosen it up. Egar resets and dives on an arm triangle a moment later and Swanson squirts his head out again.

Now in side mount, Edgar spikes a few knees to the ribs and then stuffs a sweep attempt from Swanson. Upa sweep attempt from Swanson but Edgar nearly takes his back so he settles back into half guard. Edgar carves into full mount and transitions to back control as the ten-second clapper sounds, and forces the last-minute tapout with a nasty neck crank.

  • Frankie Edgar defeats Cub Swanson by submission (neck crank) R5 4:56

Edson Barboza vs. Bobby Green

R1: Hard front stomp kick for Barboza, then a left snap kick up high. Barboza digs his left shin into the ribs but Green catches the kick and sweeps the supporting leg out. Green flurries with punches but Barboza boots him off and stands back up. Sharp outside low kick for Barboza, then a beautiful left hook downstairs and right straight to the head. Another chopping low kick and hook/straight combo for the Brazilian.

The outside low kick is there for Barboza. Now Barboza cracks him with a left hook and lands another low kick on the break. Barboza wheels out another low kick and Green continues to eat them but shake his head and wave them off after they land. 10-9 Barboza.

R2: Triple jab starts things off for Barboza, and he follows with a scorching left high kick and a stiff low kick, all of which are answered with a wave of the hand from Green. Barboza continues to oblige and lands a spinning heel kick to Green's head, and it causes him to stumble and lose his footing. Low kick for Barboza. Straight jab lands for Green but Barboza flings a quick combo in his face. Green telegraphs a flying knee and it still glances off the body of Barboza.

Green flashes his hands and lands an outside low kick. Green barely gets a glove in front of a Barboza right hook. Outside low kick lands for Barboza, who denies Green the body lock. Green comes up short on the flying knee but connects on a low kick. Barboza ends the round with a sharp low kick. 10-9 Barboza.

R3: Barboza threads a hard right hand over Green's left and it scores. Green connects with a left hook and switches to southpaw. Barboza slips a right high kick through and follows up with a clean right hand. Alternating-hand hooks thrown by Barboza and again Green smiles it off. More leg kicks for Barboza. Green sneaks a left hand through. Barboza pumping his jab to control distance. Green gets the better of a mutual exchange. Green pops him with another left. Then an uppercut. Barboza swings out a roundhouse kick as Green is turned and it lands square in his back. 10-9 Barboza for a clean 30-27 sweep on my card.

  • Edson Barboza defeats Bobby Green by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Chico Camus vs. Brad Pickett

R1: They unload punches at the same time with Pickett landing last and cleaner. Camus goes airborne for a flying knee that partially lands. Pickett ducks under Camus' next flurry and hoists him for a takedown but Camus shows amazing balance in staying upright. Camus, with some fancy footwork and his hands down, unrolls a nice left uppercut. Pickett is able to secure the takedown on his next attempt, falling into the full guard of Camus.

A few topside punches from Pickett to set up a slashing elbow. Pickett repeats the same sequence, ending with a nasty elbow. Another short right elbow from Pickett and Camus is a little busted up, but manages to escape.Camus with a nice left and another flying knee in the next sequence. Stiff jab lands for Pickett. Camus can't finish the takedown but pops Pickett with another left. 10-9 Camus for landing the sharper shots.

R2: Pickett has a mangled nose to start the second, likely bent sideways from a Camus left hand. Though it's a bit flashy, Camus showing good footwork and in-and-out movement, and looks comfortable on the feet. Pickett slips in another jab but he's nowhere close on a flying knee. Camus dances around on the outside and waves Pickett in, then gets the better of the exchange with a quick one-two. Pickett lands a double leg and Camus sits back on the fence and takes a knee to stand up, then threatens with a quick guillotine. Pickett jams Camus' left hook with a short right. 10-10.

R3: Pickett can't find the single leg and Camus dodges a big shot on the exit. Pickett land a left and Camus vaults in with two shots of his own. Camus blocks a heavy left hand from Pickett and threatens with the guillotine to fend off the takedown attempt. They each land right hands on successive exchanges. Camus floats in with a left and it's answered by Pickett right. Front kick to the body lands for Camus. Pickett corners Camus and looks for the double leg but it's stuffed. Pickett scores with a front kick to the grill and Camus closes the round with two quick lefts. 10-10 again for no clear winner -- I have it 30-29 for Camus.

  • Chico Camus defeats Brad Pickett by split decision (27-30, 29-28 x 2)

Oleksiy Oliynyk vs. Jared Rosholt

R1: After a lukewarm start, both men plant their feet and heave huge punches at each other, with Rosholt getting the better end of things. Rosholt shoots and Oliynyk stops it but gets sandwiched on the fence. Rosholt steps back and uncorks a volley of massive uppercuts, then an elbow. Oliynyk stays feisty and responds with two uppercuts of his own.

Having withstood the barrage, Oliynyk trudges forward with a heavy one-two, then repeats the combo but tacks on a left hook that catches Rosholt square in the jaw. The big fella goes down and Oliynyk finishes him off with punches.

  • Oleksiy Oliynyk defeats Jared Rosholt by KO (punches) R1 3:21

Joseph Benavidez vs. Dustin Ortiz

R1: Ortiz looks to get inside but the haymakers of Benavidez make for unfriendly territory. The first minute consists of Benavidez gradually slowing Ortiz's forward movement with careful bursts of punches. Ortiz lands a retreating hook. Benavidez answers with two combos and a left high kick. Another high kick. Now a series of straight punches for Benavidez, who closes with a shot downstairs.

Charging four-punch combo for Benavidez. Ortiz lands a left body kick. Benavidez connects on another combo, then plugs Ortiz with a knee to the face. Benavidez using good timing and in-and-out movement to key off Ortiz's straight-line pressure. Takedown for Benavidez in the final 20 seconds, and he passes to side mount. 10-9 Benavidez.

R2: Benavidez launches forward with a four-punch combo, a front kick to the face and high kick that's barely blocked. The quickness of Benavidez is salient as he assails Ortiz with methodical but vicious striking medleys. Benavidez cracks him with a right hand and a left high kick. Ortiz, showing gameness, corners him and shoots a double, eventually getting him down briefly with a body lock takedown. Benavidez pops back up but he's bleeding from his right eye.

Short, clubbing hooks from Benavidez. Ortiz catches a front kick and pops Benavidez with a right, taking him down in the process. Again, Benavidez is immediately on his feet and slinging leather, opening an oozing cut from the right eye of Ortiz. Just as Ortiz starts to even out the exchanges, his head gets snapped back by a hard right. Nice lead left hook for Ortiz, then a switch front kick. Benavidez thuds a right hand as Ortiz is coming in, then leads with a left downstairs. Ortiz shoots to close the round but Benavidez instantly snaps his head down and takes his back. 10-9 Benavidez.

R3: Ortiz shoots and Benavidez freezes him with the front headlock; Ortiz gets to his feet to keep Benavidez off his back in the scramble. Right for Benavidez, then a shot comes back from Ortiz, who shoots and gets stuffed again. This time he's able to counter the front headlock but Benavidez escapes before Ortiz can capitalize.

Benavidez shoots and gets a waist lock, then slips around behind Ortiz but he can't complete the belly-to-back lift takedown. Ortiz gets the rear waist cinch on the their next collision and tries to fall back for a takedown but Benavidez spins out. Ortiz defends the counter single leg from Benavidez and they separate with 1:15 left. No luck on the next double-leg attempt for Ortiz, nor on the follow-up single. Benavidez land a body kick. Ortiz responds with a punch to the ribs. Benavidez misses a spinning heel kick at the bell. 10-9 Benavidez for a 30-27 his way overall.

  • Joseph Benavidez defeats Dustin Ortiz by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Isaac Vallie-Flagg vs. Matt Wiman

R1: Wiman opens with a low kick and a stiff combination. Vallie-Flagg clinches up and puts Wiman on the fence with the over-under, then goes for a body lock as Wiman counters with the Thai plum. Vallie-Flagg digs to the body with a series of right hands, then lands a stiff body kick before clinching up again. Wiman flings a pair of horizontal elbows across his face. Vallie-Flagg plays blender and grinds away with punches and short knees while jamming Wiman on the fence. Another elbow from Wiman but Vallie-Flagg steps back and lands a combo, then a knee downstairs.

Another short elbow from Wiman, then a knee to create space. Vallie-Flagg puts him back on the fence (Stann steals my "blender" metaphor) and lands the short elbow. Vallie-Flagg answers with two or three of his own and looks to change levels, which proves to be a mistake: Wiman retracts his hips to avoid the takedown and smoothly transitions to back control, then into a tight armbar. Vallie-Flagg grabs his own wrist to defend and rides out the round safely. 10-9 Wiman for the exceptional threat of the late armbar attempt.

R2: Wiman shoots a single; Vallie-Flagg stuffs it and crams an elbow into his face. Vallie-Flagg puts him back on the fence and drops for a single leg but Wiman hits a switch. Vallie-Flagg trudges after him with his head down and his fists flying. Wiman cracks him with an uppercut, then lands an uppercut and horizontal elbow. Vallie-Flagg bullies him back into the fence and Wiman spins off, cracking him with an elbow.

Another short elbow from Wiman on the clinch break. Vallie-Flagg lands an uppercut and Wiman returns fire in what's shaping up to be a slug-fest in the phone booth. Vallie-Flagg with another uppercut, but Wiman forces deja vu by taking Vallie-Flagg's back after reversing his takedown attempt. This time, however, Vallie-Flagg clears the armbar on his escape and the resume the clinch brawl. Elbow from Wiman. Uppercut and body shot from Vallie-Flagg, then an elbow. 10-10 for the mutual beating.

R3: Vallie-Flagg opens with an uppercut but Wiman reverses position on his clinch entry and puts Vallie-Flagg on the fence. After a short stalemate, Wiman goes for a high crotch takedown but he's dissuaded by Vallie-Flagg's downward elbows. They tie up and the grind continues with Vallie-Flagg getting the better end of their clinch exchanges by a narrow margin.

Vallie-Flagg puts Wiman on the fence but Wiman, almost automatically, takes his back to counter the takedown attempt. Wiman locks on the body triangle and Vallie-Flagg wisely pushes Wiman's head into the fence to limit his movement and avoid the choke. Wiman rolls off the fence but can't manage much offense due to Vallie-Flagg's wrist control. 10-9 Wiman. I have it 30-28 his way.

  • Matt Wiman defeats Isaac Vallie-Flagg by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

Fox Prelims Results

Josh Copeland vs. Ruslan Magomedov

R1: Left high kick starts things off for Magomedov, then a short knee to the body as a counter. Copeland commits to a combo and Magomedov loads up a big combo and high kick that misses. Magomedov rushes Copeland and dings him with a hard right hand. That shot slows Copeland and he plays defense whilst shaking out the cobwebs. We know "Cuddly Bear" is OK when he heaves two fast and heavy hooks with alternating hands.

Clean jab by Magomedov but no luck on the high kick. Magomedov catches Copeland coming with in a flash of his hands and again hunts for the left high kick to no avail. Another left high kick from Magomedov but it's his right high kick that sneaks through. Now an outside right low kick for Magomedov. Copeland lunges in with a left that whiffs and Magomedov grazes with a left high kick and continues his momentum with a spinning roundhouse kick that misses. 10-9 Magomedov.

R2: Copeland is a bit more cautious to engage and Magomedov waits on counters. Copeland glances with a combo but he's looking to duck his head and exit in Magomedov's wheelhouse. He does score with a charging overhand right, however. Left snap kick from Magomedov and then a series of successful counters as Copeland retreats. Left body kick for Magomedov.

Copeland ducks and heaves a one-two, then ejects and changes stances momentarily. Copeland sneaks a left hand through but takes a right high kick in return. Jumping switch kick from Magomedov and it clocks Copeland in the left eye and visibly shakes him. Magomedov swarms but Copeland wards him off with a big right hand. Magomedov closes with a question mark kick on the left side that Copeland evades. 10-9 Magomedov.

R3: Magomedov digs to the ribs with a chopping left kick. Inside low kick from Magomedov and Copeland goes back to southpaw, then gets tagged with another body kick when he goes back to orthodox. Snapping jab and left high kick from Magomedov at range. Now Magomedov throws a Superman punch and slips another jab in. Copeland bull-rushes and connects with a left hand, then forces a clinch.

Magomedov circles off the fence with an underhook and they trade knees to the body. Double underhooks for Magomedov and a punch and knee to the body. Another knee downstairs. And another before the ref separates them. Copeland ducks his head and hurls a one-two and Magomedov responds by wheeling out another high kick. Magomedov hits a duck-under double leg on Copeland's closing attack. 10-9 Magomedov. I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Ruslan Magomedov defeats Josh Copeland by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

Luke Barnatt vs. Roger Narvaez

R1: Narvaez with a low kick and a body kick, then a hard right counter to a Barnatt up-knee that lands low. We pause briefly as Narvaez recovers. Sharp jab from Narvaez on the restart, then a left high kick that just misses. Narvaez loses his footing after a kick for the second time in the round. Barnatt with a short front kick to the gut but no dice on the Superman punch attempt. Narvaez tags him with a lead right hook. Now a left from Narvaez.

Barnatt lands an inside low kick and checks the response in kind from Narvaez, who controls distance with a snapping jab. Low kick is there for Narvaez but he eats a counter right cross from Barnatt. Counter right from Barnatt. Narvaez looks for a body lock after Barnatt's spinning back fist but Barnatt counters with an outside trip. 10-10.

R2: Left body kick from Narvaez, followed by a high kick. They land even on the next exchange. Barnatt scores with an inside low kick as the crowd murmurs a reaction to the momentarily uneventful action. They cheer as Narvaez shoots a single from way outside but ties up after switching to a double. Barnatt shakes him off and they reset. Barnatt misses a one-two but follows with a sneaky right that lands flush.

Barnatt kicks to the body as Narvaez lands a retreating right hand. Narvaez just misses with a big uppercut. Straight left from Narvaez. Barnatt walking Narvaez down and throwing freely though he's only landing slightly more. Barnatt lands a cross/hook combo, a right downstairs and an uppercut to close the frame. 10-9 Barnatt.

R3: Barnatt lands with a kick to the body. Narvaez plasters Barnatt with a left high kick and it wobbles him. Narvaez pounces with punches and Barnatt falls to his back, trying to endure the barrage. Barnatt looks to recover but gets sloppy on his escape, allowing Narvaez to take his back. Narvaez goes for the choke with one hook in and can't get it, but sinks both hooks in and readjusts his grip. Though he seems to have it locked, Barnatt fends it off thrice and recovers full guard.

Narvaez stays in guard and throws mild punches, then turns up the heat with an elbow. He looks to pass with one minute left; Barnatt uses wrist control and a butterfly hook to stop it. Barnatt stands back up but only has time to throw one kick. 10-8 Narvaez for the near finishes and one-sided round. I have it 29-28 Narvaez.

  • Roger Narvaez defeats Luke Barnatt by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

Nick Hein vs. James Vick

R1: It's a tentative start until 45 seconds in when Hein counters a Vick kick with a heavy combo of hooks. Vick lands a roundhouse kick to the body. Front kick attempt from Vick, looking to play the range game. Now it's a snapping high kick from Vick but Hein catches him flush on the next exchange and Vick goes down. Hein goes down after him and lands in side control with Vick looking for a sweep with an underhook. And he gets it, sweeping into Hein's guard. Hein creates space and stands back up, and they reset.

More rangy kicks from Vick, three in all, but nothing lands clean. The fourth is a high kick and a mid-range body kick, both of which are blocked by Hein. Another right high kick and Brian Stann astutely points out how the barrage could be weakening the southpaw's power hand. It looks just fine in the next sequence as Hein drops Vick again with another beefy counter. Vick battles back to his feet. 10-9 Hein.

R2: A pair of kicks from Vick and a probing combination. Hein's return fire misses but backs Vick off. Vick sustains his high volume of right roundhouse and front kicks, but it's a straight right he finds the mark with. Vick scores again with his cross on a one-two as Hein is late to counter. Hein's activity curiously dwindles to a near halt and blood is dripping from a cut above his left eye.

Now it's Vick who lands counter punches as Hein finally attacks. More high kicks from Vick that are blocked but he's tacking on fast, straight punches and, occasionally, a jab, and they're starting to sneak through. Hein's eye looking noticeably worse as the round ends. 10-9 Vick.

R3: Hein shows a little urgency by starting off with a few pressuring combos. Vick circles out and looks to establish his range but it's Hein's left that scores first. Vick stretches out a right but Hein whirs his hands to back him off, then tags him with a lead left hook on the next exchange. Hein glances with a body shot on a three-punch combo, Vick shoves him away and lands a long right.

Hein throws a halfhearted spinning back fist and Vick pops him at the end of his rotation, drawing a smile from Hein. Vick slips a right through but lands soft at the end of his punching arc. Hein charges with a four-punch combo but Vick circles away. Inside low kick from Hein. Vick sits down on a straight right that bores through Hein's guard. Hein glances with a liver shot. A stretchy one-two from Vick coupled with busy side-to-side shuffling to ride out the round. I'll go 10-9 Vick by a tight margin for the two momentous exchanges in a fairly even round. 29-28 Vick overall.

  • James Vick defeats Nick Hein by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)

Akbarh Arreola vs. Yves Edwards

R1: Edwards starts with an outside low kick but is forced to dodge a series of heavy punches from Arreola. Edwards lands another low kick and Arreola answers with a grazing high kick and a hard low kick of his own. Arreola steps in and lands a heavy left body kick that thuds to the ribs. Arreola winds up on a lead uppercut and it floors Edwards -- Arreola swarms for the finish but Edwards seems to have regained his wits.

Edwards stands back up and, still in the clinch, wings a right high kick that Arreola catches and converts to a takedown. Arreola scrambles into full mount on the fall and immediately locks up an armbar and falls back for it. Edwards is forced to tap.

  • Akbarh Arreola defeats Yves Edwards by submission (armbar) R1 1:52

Fight Pass Prelims (Results)

Kailin Curran vs. Paige VanZant

R1: VanZant with a hard outside low kick and a pressuring flurry. Curran withstands the barrage and returns fire in the clinch with a big elbow that backs VanZant off. VanZant coming straight forward and now eating a hard knee to the head from Curran. VanZant gets the body lock but Curran hits a nice head-and-arm throw counter. VanZant, who's fighting at a dizzying pace, powers back up to her feet and fires three punches to the head.

VanZant lands an uppercut/hook combo from the single collar tie. Curran hits an inside trip on the next exchange but finds herself working out of a VanZant armbar or triangle. Curran fights out of it, VanZant resets and attacks again, and this time gets deep on the armbar. Curran hoists her up and power-slams her way out of the arm lock. Curran, back in VanZant's guard, fights off another armbar. Now VanZant throws up a double armbar attempt with good wrist control. Curran works out but VanZant hits a double ankle pick sweep and stands up to throw bombs down on Curran, who reverses position just before the bell rings. 10-9 VanZant for the steady, nonstop offense and most threatening moments.

R2: VanZant wings a left hook but eats a knee from Curran when initiating a clinch. Curran looks for a takedown but VanZant smoothly spins out and puts Curran on the fence. A constant outpouring of offense from VanZant with punches, then a knee to the face. Curran works out and hits a slick counter hip throw on their next collision. VanZant stays slippery and stands back up, only to fall for another clever head-and-arm throw from Curran. Again, VanZant just steamrolls her way back to her feet.

They exchange knees in the clinch. Curran loses her balance and VanZant, sustaining her frenetic output, keeps right hands in her face. VanZant stays glued to Curran in the clinch, even despite her attempt at separating via a stomp kick to the body. Curran circles off but VanZant's latched on and drags her to the opposite side of the cage. Curran finally creates space with a right hand and hits a takedown in the closing seconds, but finishes the round in a loose armbar attempt and taking rights to the head. 10-9 VanZant.

R3: VanZant opens with a front kick and a one-two, then dives into a body lock and bowls Curran over. Nice elbow landed by VanZant, who then bores right hands through Curran's guard with the quarter nelson. Curran creates space and lands a shot but VanZant quickly resumes the suffocation. Curran manages to circle off the fence, VanZant reciprocates. Now wrist control and a series of thudding foot stomps from VanZant.

Curran tries to defend with a cross-face but takes a hard knee to the kisser, and VanZant pounces with punches to conjure up the stoppage.

  • Paige VanZant defeats Kailin Curran by TKO (punches) R3 2:54

Dooho Choi vs. Juan Manuel Puig

R1: Choi immediately loosens a right-handed thunderbolt that sails over Puig's jab and crumples him. The newcomer shows no mercy in flurrying on Puig with more punches until the finish.

  • Dooho Choi defeats Juan Manuel Puig by TKO (punches) R1 0:18