Livepost: Superkombat World Grand Prix Final - Nov. 22, 9:00pm CET (3pm ET)

Superkombat is back with their final event for the season, and it's a good one. It will air live on Eurosport 9 pm CET - check your local listings.

For strictly MMA fans, there is high intrigue as Bellator heavyweight standout RON SPARKS will take on one of Romania's most popular kickboxers in Catalin Morosanu. I wonder how that will end?

It wouldn't be a proper Superkombat event if we didn't have at least one Stoica brother fighting. Guess what - you get both. Andre Stoica is for some reason fighting Emilio Vallecillo, whom Superkombat calls "undefeated MMA champion". Having never heard of him before, I found out he's actually only 4-0 as an amateur in MMA, making his professional kickboxing debut against Mr. KO himself. What could possibly go wrong?

Beyond those usual suspects and shady matchmaking we have some actual nice tournament / grand prix / title fight action. Please full card below.

Main Card:
1. Semifinal 1 – Light Heavyweight Bout (-86 kg)
Aristote Quitusisa (France) vs. Dawid Kasperski (Poland)

2. Semifinal 2 – Light Heavyweight Bout (-86 kg)
Michael Terrill (United Kingdom) vs. Jorge Loren (Spain)

3. Reserve Fight – Light Heavyweight Bout (-86 kg)
Alexandru Negrea (Italy) vs. Bogdan Stoica (Romania)

4. Super Fight – Light Heavyweight Bout (-81 kg)
Errol Koning (Suriname) vs. Giuseppe De Domenico (Italy)

5. Super Fight – Middleweight Bout (-72 kg)
Riccardo Lecca (Italy) vs. Amansio Paraschiv (Romania)

6. Super Fight – Super Cruiserweight Bout (-96 kg)
Emilio Vallecillo (United States) vs. Andrei Stoica (Romania)

7. Title Fight – Middleweight Bout (-71 kg)
Julian Imeri (Albania) vs. Nader Farhou (Lebanon)

8. Super Fight – Heavyweight Bout (+96 kg)
Ron Sparks (United States) vs. Catalin Morosanu (Romania)

9. Final – Light Heavyweight Bout (-86 kg)
Winner of Semifinal 1 vs. Winner of Semifinal 2

Superkombat Fighting Championship®, the Europe’s premier kickboxing league, is returning to Italy on November 22nd to close it’s 2014 season. The Superkombat World Grand Prix Final™ event will take place at the PalaIper Arena from Monza, the temple of the Formula 1. The night will feature the Light Heavyweight tournament, as well as the first-ever unified Middleweight World Championship bout with the both WKA and Superkombat New Heroes™ belts on the line in the fight between the WKA champion Julian Imeri and Nader Farhou from Lebanon. Of course, no final would be complete without the Superkombat® superstars Andrei Stoica and Catalin Morosanu. As usual, the event will be aired live on Eurosport, starting from 9:00pm CET.

One of the most popular brawlers in the world and a politician in his native country, Catalin Morosanu is coming back for another battle just two months after demolishing his last opponent, Brian Douwes, in the Netherlands. With a perfect record in Superkombat® (14-0-0), the "Carpathian Death" will face "The Monster of America", Ron Sparks, a former Bellator® heavyweight of colossal size: 1.93 meters and 120 kilograms.

The Super Cruiserweight division will see another Romanian/American battle between the current Super Cruiserweight champion Andrei Stoica and the undefeated MMA champion Emilio Vallecillo. Coming off a third round knockout win at the Superkombat World Grand Prix Final Elimination™ in Geneva, where he defended his title, Stoica (34-6-0) is ready to prove once again why he is called "Mister KO". "A lot of Romanians live in Italy and for me it is an honor to fight there for the first time. Also, I can promise to Vallecillo that he will have a nightmare debut in the professional kickboxing.", said Andrei Stoica.

In another clash, Nader Farhou from Lebanon and the WKA champion Julian "The Albanian Iceberg" Imeri (32-4-0) will meet to unify their Middleweight division titles on November 22nd at the PalaIper Arena from Monza. "I’m sure this will be the biggest night of my career. Manhoef can’t stop me.", announced "The Albanian Iceberg". This marks the first time that a Superkombat New Heroes™ belt and WKA title were ever on the line for one unified champion.

The main event of the night is the Light Heavyweight tournament where Aristote Quitusisa, Dawid Kaspersky, Michael Terrill and Jorge Loren will fight for the title in this division. Only one can comeout the winner in the end and he will be the first Superkombat World Grand Prix™ Light Heavyweight champion of the 2014 season.

Following his qualification in the Superkombat World Grand Prix Final Elimination™ in Geneva, where he defeated the favorite Bogdan Stoica, Aristote Quitusisa (32-4-2) is living the dream and could in fact reach the big final of the night, if he can get past the Polish champion Dawid Kasperski (14-3-1). Jorge Loren (74-13-4) is the no. 1 seed and will face this year’s sensation, Michael Terrill (29-3-0). Selected at the Superkombat World Tryouts™ in Middlesbrough in April, Michael "The Thrill" Terrill made his Superkombat® debut under with a shock win against the rising star Danut Hurduc. A couple of months later, in Geneva, he defeated the former Superkombat New Heroes™ champion Clyde Brunswijk, scoring two knockdowns in the first round. "This is the chance of a lifetime and a great opportunity to open the British kickboxing market. One year ago, I was nobody, on November 22nd I will be the undisputed champion and you will see that.", said Terrill.

In the reserve fight of the tournament, the former Cruiserweight champion Bogdan Stoica (16-6-0) hopes for another chance to reach the final. All he has to do is to defeat Alexandru Negrea (22-2-1), a Romanian fighter based in Milan since 2000.

In another two super fights, the former Italian boxing champion Riccardo Lecca (17-4-0) will face the rising star Amansio Paraschiv and the local hero Giuseppe De Domenico (28-4-3) will make his Superkombat® debut in a challenging match-up against Errol Koning (40-7-0) of Suriname.


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