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Pacquiao vs. Algieri: Algieri's trainer says 'Pacquiao should never be at this weight'

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After requiring two attempts to make the 144 pound weight limit for his bout with Manny Pacquiao, Chris Algieri and his trainer Tim Lane field questions about the process.

Following a weigh-in that required two attempts for his fighter to make the 144 lb limit, Chris Algieri's trainer Tim Lane spoke with the assembled media in Macau.

"Pacquiao is a 126 lb dude. Pacquiao should never be at this weight. The guy probably walks around at 142 lbs and probably ate a hamburger right before this weigh in just to get the weight up," he said.

Algieri also spoke to the media following his successful second attempt to make weight. Despite his difficulties, Algieri insisted it was an easy weight cut.

"I'd rather be well fed and feel good, than be really sucked out. But to do something like this, this is nothing," he said, blaming the issues on the scale.

Algieri fights superstar boxer Manny Pacquiao tomorrow night in Macau, China. The bout will air on HBO PPV in the USA.

Algieri is expected to have a significant size advantage come fight time, possibly as much as 15 pounds after he rehydrates and eats.

Here's a breakdown of Pacquiao's techniques for getting inside on taller fighters like Algieri: