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Roy Jones Jr. talks Pacquiao vs. Algieri, Anderson Silva, and potential bouts against MMA fighters

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Roy Jones Jr. spoke about a bunch of topics including his busy Pacquiao vs. Algieri night that will have him work a corner and commentate at the same event, his disappointment with the UFC, and his plans for the future.

Photo by Anton Tabuena

Legendary boxer Roy Jones Jr. is in Macau for the highly anticipated bout between Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri, and he is primarily there to coach undefeated WBA Super Lightweight champ Jessie Vargas as he takes on the Freddie Roach trained Antonio DeMarco.

Jones, who is still an active fighter, is on his first run as a trainer and he says it wasn't a position he really expected himself to be in at this point.

"It actually started when they called me to work with (Vargas). I did it, and thought I was just going to do it for a little while," Jones said as he explained how he eventually got into a trainer's role, "Then Jean Pascal called me to come up to help, so he hired me for a while as an assistant. I saw Jessie a little bit too and I really think I could help him get a bit better."

"So I said, 'Come to my gym, I'll help you out a little bit and let's see what we can do'. So he came to the gym, helped him out, and he liked it," he continued. "He just said 'be my trainer'. I said 'Well I will do what I can. If you're willing to sacrifice and make the move with me, we can do it. We can make it happen.'"

"So we started trying, we started working together, and things just started to go up from there."

Jones states that while he never really thought he would be in this position, sharing his wealth of experience with younger fighters like DeMarco and Pascal meant a lot to him.

"So if you feel like that, and you can make a guy feel better, see him better himself, see him pick up his confidence and start punching right, and all these things, you know you're doing something good with it," he states, "So you got to stay with it, you've got to keep coming back to it. So I'm loving it."

Apart from cornering his WBA titlist during the PPV opener, Jones will also step into the commentary booth immediately after to call the next few bouts.

"I think Pacquiao vs. Algieri is an interesting fight", Jones said as he gave his thoughts on the match up, "I think it will depend on how much Algieri can take against Pacquiao early, and if he can, it will be a very interesting fight. Pacquiao will be looking to unleash his onslaught early, because the shorter guy will not be chasing the taller guy all night long, especially a guy that long and shaped like Algieri."

"He's not the biggest puncher, and he doesn't pose that big of a threat to Pacquiao punching-wise, but he picks people apart with his excellent movement, and those punches add up over time," he explains. "Whoever can carry their game plans better will win. If Pacquiao can hurt him, get him down and in trouble early, he will finish him. If Algieri can get to him early and make the fight longer, he can out point him. We'll see."

"On paper he is out matched, but they're not fighting on paper, they're fighting on canvas."

Sunday morning in Macau will be a busy one for Jones with his dual-role on the card. The 45-year-old doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon though, and even plans to add to his plate on his next bout in the works.

"I may do my next fight in North Carolina, on February, but I don't have a set date yet," Jones said. "They've got me doing commentary on a fight, and cornering a fighter at the same time (this weekend), now they've got me excited."

"Now I want to work a corner, commentate, and fight. They've got me working a corner and commentating now, why not make it big and do all three? Ain't no one that can do that. I love it."

"I'm not the jack of all trades, but I'm the master of one. If anyone wants some of that 'one', I'm ready." -Roy Jones Jr on facing MMA fighters.

Jones is after one last run against a top tier champ, but he says he's still open to cross-over matches against MMA fighters, even if the bout against Anderson Silva never really materialized.

"Yes, I've been disappointed that the UFC wouldn't let (Silva) fight, but there's nothing I can do about it. He's under a new contract, and there's nothing I can do about it," he said, as he spoke about bouts against MMA fighters. "I don't care who it is. Kimbo Slice, Rampage Jackson, I will box them. I'm not the jack of all trades, but I'm the master of one. If anyone wants some of that 'one', I'm ready."

Jones, who states that he has a lot of respect for Silva, also gave his thoughts on the former UFC champ's upcoming bout.

"He's going to beat Nick Diaz, I think. Both of them are good punchers, but he's got a better Muay Thai game, and he's probably got a better ground game too... But if Nick hits him, we don't know."

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