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Photo: Cut forces Tom DeBlass off Bellator 131, King Mo expected to remain on fight card

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A cut has forced Tom DeBlass off the Bellator 131 fight card against ‘king’ Muhammwd Lawal.


After spending the last few weeks hyping his scheduled match-up against ‘King' Muhammed Lawal, Tom DeBlass has officially withdrawn from the Bellator 131 fight card due to an injury.

DeBlass revealed on twitter that the injury came in the form of a laceration about his right eye. The former UFC fighter posted several graphic pictures of the cut that are not for the faint of heart.

After having retired once before following his UFC run, DeBlass divulged in another twitter post that he has "no plans to fight right now" and will likely focus on his jiu-jitsu training and academy.

DeBlass is 2-0 under the Bellator banner, with wins over Carlos Brooks and Jason Lambert.