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Ricardo Lamas says that Conor McGregor fears wrestlers: 'The UFC protects him'

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"The Bully" thinks that his wrestling skills are the key to beat the Irishman.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Ricardo Lamas is sure that he has what it takes to beat Conor McGregor, although the former UFC Featherweight title challenger feels that the fight isn't going to happen. Interviewed by, Lamas believes that his wrestling would neutralize the Irishman's striking but the UFC will avoid this fight to protect McGregor.

From the interview:

"I think that I'm the ideal guy to face McGregor right now. He needs to fight against a wrestler like me but the UFC protects him. The company doesn't want to see him against a wrestler but he must face one to start to think of fighting Aldo. Wrestling is the key to beat McGregor. The UFC gives matchups good for his style, only strikers. That's why I think that he'll fight against Dennis Siver. All his fancy moves will have no value if he is lying taking punches in his face."

McGregor is afraid of this fight, according to Lamas.

"He challenged a lot of guys but called me a coward because he's scared. He's making excuses to not facing bad opponents for him. I'm not doing trash talk but he's a disrespectful guy and badmouth people from our weight class, someone need to teach him humility."

Lamas had a memorable performance last Saturday when submitted Dennis Bermudez in the first round, on the main card of UFC 180. "The Bully" was able to win his second straight fight after losing a title bout by unanimous decision against Jose Aldo, at UFC 169. McGregor won all his four fights inside the octagon and will face Siver at the main event of UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver, on January 18 of 2015.