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Duke Roufus bars Milwuakee journo from Pettis' UFC press conference

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Duke Roufus and business partner Scott Joffe bar investigative reporter, John Diedrich from Anthony Pettis' UFC press conference.

Over the last week, Roufusport, the Milwuakee based fight team headed up by Duke Roufus, has been under fire by a multitude of former students and team members, claiming he bullies students, both physically and mentally. While there have been members that have come to his defense, the majority of statements regarding his tutelage has been primarily negative.

If you've somehow missed our coverage on this story, it revolves around the March, 2014 death of amateur kickboxer, Dennis Munson, Jr. who was a part of Duke's team. A very thorough investigative report conducted by John Diedrich of the Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal was what initially set off a chain reaction of complaints by a veritable who's who in MMA that includes Pat Barry, Rose Namajunas, and Eric Schafer.

Fast forward to today when John Diedrich tweeted that Duke Roufus and partner in Roufusport, Scott Joffe barred him from attending Anthony Pettis' UFC press conference:

When Diedrich inquired about the action, he says UFC officials told him that because the presser was taking place at Roufusport, all media had to be cleared by the gym:

UPDATE: John just tweeted this to me, so I'll add any new developments here.

As always, Bloody Elbow will keep our readers updated on this story as more information becomes available.