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Stephan Bonnar says poor sleep, possible pranks, affected performance

A series of odd, late night disturbances kept Stephan Bonnar from getting a good night's sleep.

via Josh Hedges, Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Stephan Bonnar isn't making excuses. He's been the first man to say that his belief he could get himself back in top fighting form in just 3 months was pretty foolish, and that if he took another fight, he'd need to take his training much more seriously. But, that doesn't mean that lackluster training was the only thing potentially at the heart of his poor performance against Tito Ortiz at Bellator 131. Bonnar claims that he got an unusually poor night's sleep the night before, as misguided pizza delivery men, a gaggle of female fans, and other latecomers kept him up the eve of the fight.

Sounds like Tito may have been pulling a page from Lawrence Taylor's book. Bonnar gave MMAJunkie all the details:

"One of the reasons I was tired was some bizarre s-t was going down the night before," Bonnar said. "I was asleep, and there's like a pounding on my door, and it's a pizza delivery guy.

"I go back to sleep, (but) my room phone keeps ringing, like, what the f-k? I took it off the hook, I go back to sleep, and all of a sudden, there's people knocking on my door again. It's three girls saying they're my biggest fans saying they want to hang out. It was really bizarre.

"So at 5 in the morning, I ended up going next door to Motel 6 and getting a room there so I could sleep. I can't say Tito did this, but it was just really bizarre that that happened."

Apparently the pranks didn't stop there, as Ortiz's body guards also, reportedly had Bonnar thrown out of the Bellator 131 after party. Sounds like a rough couple of days at Ortiz's hands for the American Psycho.