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T.P.'s Technique Review: UFC 180/Bellator 131/WSOF

T.P. Grant takes a new idea out for a dry run as he breaks down the in cage action of a weekend triple header of MMA action.

This is a test run of a new show that I'm hoping to make a regular part of Bloody Elbow's post fight coverage. The concept of the show is a sober look back at weekend of MMA divorced from the knee-jerk emotional reactions of fight night and present thought out perspectives on some of the technical work and big picture issues that played out in cage.

This episode covers fight from all three cards over the weekend: UFC 180, Bellator 131, and the WSOF 15, focusing on relevant fights with bigger implications.

It is my fervent hope to improve upon this first test run by improving equipment and hopefully bring on some guests. It has been about 10 years since I've done a show solo, so there was a fair amount of rust that needed shaking off. But I will firmly stay on the bright side and say it will not be too hard to improve moving forward.

Here is the YouTube link