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Conor McGregor calls Dennis Siver a nazi

Conor McGregor likely got an angry call from UFC officials shortly after sending that offensive tweet.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Conor McGregor is a great talker and has been doing an excellent job at building interest and hyping up fights. Tonight though, he crossed a line as he made an offensive remark towards his next opponent in Dennis Siver. Shortly after the UFC's media day, McGregor sent out a tweet calling Siver a 'Nazi'.

It was deleted shortly after, but here's a screen grab of the tweet:

Conor McGregor, Nazi

Shortly after erasing the said tweet, McGregor has issued an apology, sort of:

That translates to "I'm sorry". While his deletion and "apology" have been relatively quick, this is the type of attention that the UFC doesn't need -- especially from one of the promotion's biggest stars -- as it grows internationally and tries to erase some of the sport's negative stigma.

Also, not that it will change how offensive and unfunny that tweet is, but for what it's worth, while Siver is of German descent, he was actually born and raised in Russia before moving to Germany when he was of legal age.

McGregor takes on Siver on January 18th in Boston.