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Tommy Toe Hold Show: A special message from Dana White

That's science...

What's up, fight fans? Welcome to another special edition of The Tommy Toe Hold Show (TTTHS) brought to you by SB Nation! I'm the off brand battery that comes with your TV remote of mixed martial arts, Tommy Toe Hold. Today: A special message from Not Dana White.

I love old time commercials where the president of a company walks around the offices and talks directly to the camera, the goal being to make a connection with the consumer. Then I thought, what if Zuffa took that style of advertisement and made a two minute spot for the UFC as a company starring none other than Dana White? It would almost be too awesome for words, right? It would possibly break the internet. It will sadly probably never happen, but we can dream! And in my case, I can turn that dream into a crudely animated reality. Enjoy!