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Tweet of the Day: Leslie Smith takes a close up photo of her torn ear after UFC 180 (Graphic)

Leslie Smith took a graphic close up photo of her torn ear after her UFC 180 bout.

Leslie Smith's cauliflower ear exploded after being hit during her bout against Jessica Eye. As the injury got worse and part of her ear was split and already hanging, the doctors were forced to stop the contest. There have already been multiple photos of her ear from the actual fight, but hours after the bout, Smith herself has also taken a photo of the nasty injury.

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Here's how her torn ear looks as it was being checked on by the doctors post-fight:

Her sqor post came with the following message:

I was pretty mad in the cage. I saw some pictures afterward and I appreciate the doctors looking out for me. I guess. I should've adjusted to protect my ear before the doctors had to stop it. Thank you for all the support, thank you to my sponsors Kleinburg Private Wealth, Venum, Major's Pharmacy, Vitality Bowls, and WODBOX. Thank you to my team and my coaches at El Niño Training Center for getting me ready. Thank you to all the fight fans. I'll do better next time.