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Bellator 131: Tito Ortiz outlasts Stephan Bonnar for split decision win

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Tito Ortiz was able to win a split decision over Stephan Bonnar in the main event of Bellator 131.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The grudge match between Tito Ortiz and Stephan Bonnar could not have been timed any better by Bellator if they tried. The walkouts for the fight were taking place as Fabricio Werdum was finishing Mark Hunt in the UFC main event, leaving social media and viewers with no other MMA but the culmination of one of the silliest feuds in MMA history.

Ortiz looked for a takedown right away but wasn't really able to do much with it. After a period of time with both men working in the clinch it was Bonnar circling and working the jab and straight right hand before another failed takedown attempt from Ortiz and a low blow.

Both men would land a few punches before Ortiz scored a takedown late in the round.

The next two rounds would play out similarly but with both fighters slowing down as the fight went on but Ortiz generally controlling the action as Bonnar looked slower and slower and was less and less effective.

By the end of the third round it appeared that Ortiz had clearly won the fight. At least one judge disagreed, however, as the final scores read 30-27 Ortiz, 29-28 Bonnar and 30-27 Ortiz.

Ortiz was still upset after the fight while Bonnar seemed like he didn't really care much to continue the feud, though he did invite Tito Ortiz to his BBQ, but added, "I'm serving turdburgers though."

An appropriate end to the rivalry.