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War Machine laughs in court as Christy Mack describes sexual assault

UFC and Bellator Fighting veteran Jon "War Machine Koppenhaver will stand trial on 34 felony counts including attempted murder, sexual assault and kidnapping and faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Melanie Andress-Tobiasson, a Las Vegas Justice-of-the-Peace, ruled that the state of Nevada has met evidentiary minimums to try Jon Koppenhaver, the MMA fighter who changed his name to "War Machine," on 34 felony counts in a summer assault on his ex-partner Christy Mack.

According to the Associated Press, Andress-Tobiasson added two felony counts to the 32 Koppenhaver was already facing. He will be tried on charges also including coercion, burglary, attempted sexual assault, preventing or dissuading a witness or victim from reporting a crime, and strangulation.

"I shudder to think what would have happened had she not escaped," the justice of the peace said after hearing Mack describe her ordeal and seeing photos of Mack's injuries.

The most shocking moment of the hearing occurred when the former Koppenhaver laughed as Mack shared the details of the alleged sexual assault. Koppenhaver's attorney Brandon Sua tried to deny his client was laughing, but the JP stopped him short.

"I heard him," she said.

Naturally Koppenhaver has a publicist who issued a statement on the matter (from an email release):

There was an incident in the courtroom which needs to be addressed. Mr. Koppenhaver was accused of "laughing" during the mentions of Sexual Assault against Ms. Mackinday. We would like to reiterate that he does not find any of these allegations to be amusing. The "laugh" was, in fact, Mr. Koppenhaver scoffing at the charges. It was audible while he shook his head in disbelief when the charge was mentioned. This action was interpreted by the court to be laughter. Again, that was a misinterpretation.

Bloody Elbow will keep you posted as the case unfolds.