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Uninterested in fight outcome, Tito Ortiz just wants to ‘demolish’ Stephan Bonnar’s face

Former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz delves into his main event grudge match against Stephan Bonnar on Saturday night and explains why he does not consider the contest to be "for sport."

The culmination of months of unmaskings, training camp espionage, pre-fight bickering, and other types of pro-wrestling antics will come in the form of a grudge match main event at Bellator 131 between two UFC veterans that few knew hated each other.

While the animosity between Tito Ortiz and Stephan Bonnar was nothing notable prior to 2014, the former light-heavyweight champion is adamant that the fight took detailed planning and was months in the making.

"Stephan said a lot of things about me a while back before signed that Bellator contract. He started talking saying my ex-girlfriend took all my money, which is why I came to fight for Bellator. I took that personally. So when I signed with Bellator, I had a good idea about how to get him into Bellator."

For Ortiz, the outcome of his main event against Stephan Bonnar on Saturday night matters less than the amount of damage he inflicts on his opponent.

"This is not a sport to me. This fight is not a sport. This fight is ‘I'm gonna kick his ass,' that's it." I don't care win, lose or draw, I just want to hurt him and demolish his face.

"This is just something that I just want to get back at him for talking shit about my fans, talking shit about my family. My fans are my family and you can't talk s*** like that, man. It fuels my fire."

Watch the entire clip on YouTube here.