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Cain Velasquez on interim title holder: 'Not the champion'

Cain Velasquez spoke to the assembled media about the weekend's UFC 180 PPV event and the interim heavyweight title fight.

By now, everyone knows that Cain Velasquez isn't fighting this weekend. The coach of the Mexican half of TUF: Latin America is still at the event, however, doing media work to build up the Ultimate Fighter competitors and to talk about the implications of the interim title belt and the two men fighting for it this weekend, Fabricio Werdum and Mark Hunt.

Of course, the big thing on everyone's mind is Velasquez's injury. He offered a little further detail on what exactly went wrong, and when he realized he would have to pull out of the bout:

I knew for the whole camp that my knee wasn't 100%, and I tried. And there was stuff that I couldn't do. I couldn't wrestle, I couldn't do jiu jitsu. So finally, when I couldn't do it and said "You know what? I can't even kick now. There's no point." You know, I can't go in there and just box with a guy who is so good in the stand up, who is so good on the ground too. I just... It takes away a lot of my confidence and a lot of my offense.

He also gave his thoughts on what the interim title represented and what it meant for him to be champion of a fractured division:

It's an interim belt, you know. We're going to fight for the "real," I guess, the real one coming up, when I fight. So, I don't think too much into it, you know. When I have my chance to fight, we'll fight for the real one.

That's how I view it. I mean, interim belt, interim champion. You know, not "the" champion.

There's a lot more in there, including Cain's thoughts on coaching TUF and on the UFC breaking into the Mexican market, so check it out.