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Stephan Bonnar: Tito Ortiz is 'the biggest a**hole the sport's ever known,' did not plant a spy in his camp

Stephan Bonnar says that Tito Ortiz did not plant any secret agents in his camp, and it doesn't matter if they did.

Stephan Bonnar isn't buying Tito Ortiz's claim that he planted a spy deep within Stephan Bonnar's camp. Ortiz claimed that Paul Herrera, Ortiz's old wrestling coach who is working with Bonnar for the fight, is actually serving as an Ortiz spy and feeding Tito information about Bonnar's camp.

Bonnar addressed the situation in a recent interview (which you can watch above). MMA Fighting transcribed the quotes:

"He's just fishing for something. The bottom line is [wrestling coach] Paul Herrera is not working with him. Paul Herrera's working with me on my wrestling defense and what Tito's good at.

"I could watch Tito's fights. I know them all. I know his double leg, his underhook to knee tap. We worked on defending his game. If it is true, it doesn't matter because my wrestling got a lot better working with Paul Herrera. No one else can be in the cage with Tito."

Bonnar also talked about what a blessing it is for him to get to beat up "the biggest asshole the sport's ever known":

"It's a big fight. It's what I wanted. I can't ask for anything more. It's a blessing. I'm getting paid money to punch Tito Ortiz, probably the biggest a**hole the sport's ever known. Someone's going to pay me to do that? That's truly a blessing."