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Cung Le discusses TRT prior to positive drug test for HGH

Prior to his positive drug test for HGH, Cung Le offered his thoughts on Vitor Belfort’s TRT usage over the past few years.

While Cung Le is currently being scrutinized for his positive drug test for Human Growth Hormone following his loss to Michael Bisping at UFC Fight Night: Macau, he had previously spoken out against Testosterone Replacement Therapy and offered some interesting thoughts on that topic.

"If you're an athlete that is low on TRT, like from a real doctor, then you should take it," Le told FightHub.TV prior to his fight against Bisping. "It is like someone who needs insulin, and the doctor says you should take insulin, then you should take insulin.

"But if someone is going to use it to train at a high level, then come off to regain a normal level, I think that's cheating. But if the doctor says ‘hey, you're low,' then you should take it."

Ultimately, Le believes that had he required TRT and it was still a legal substance to take during competition, he would have considered it.

"If I had low levels and the doctors said that (TRT) would help my health, help my body, then f***, if doctors say it why not? But if someone is like 25 or 30 and doing it....why?"

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