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Rick Story suffered broken ankle midway through UFC Fight Night: Stockholm main event

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UFC welterweight Rick Story revealed that he had broken his ankle midway through his UFC Fight Night: Stockholm main event against Gunnar Nelson.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

Not only did Rick Story produce a surprising upset in the main event of UFC Fight Night: Stockholm last week, he did so while dealing with a broken ankle for the better part of three rounds.

According to the welterweight, the injury took place in the second round of his five-round bout against Gunnar Nelson. While Story is yet to take an MRI and establish the exact injury and its severity, determined from the fighter that the initial diagnosis was a fracture in his tibia.

Story took to twitter to post a picture of the x-ray:

Story, who improved to 17-8 with the win over Nelson, entered the UFC welterweight rankings at No. 12. While initially it was believed that he would receive a step up in competition for his next fight, it now appears as though he may be on the sidelines for an extended period of time due to the potential severity of the injury.