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Gabi Garcia never accepted bout with Megumi Yabushita: 'I can't turn this into a freakshow'

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Garcia still plans on making her debut at Real Fight Championship, but it won't be against Megumi.

It looks like Real Fight Championship jumped the gun. In a recent interview with Tatame, BJJ star Gabi Garcia revealed that she has been in talks with the oranization to make her MMA debut on their December 23rd Real 1 card, but she has yet to agree to an opponent. Furthermore, she went on to say, that if Real Fight can't find her a better opponent, she'll scrap her debut and look for a promotion closer to home to fight in. (transcription via Fernando Arbex)

"We were negotiating numbers and my opponent. Then, out of nowhere, they scheduled me to fight without my permission. I saw the news on the internet and I had never heard of this girl. The talk was that I would fight on December 23rd, but there was no opponent. Yabushita asked to fight against me because she already had against bigger girls than her, but I wasn't notified and it ain't going to happen. I really want to have my debut soon but we are missing an opponent. Some girls want to fight me to have attention but I can't turn this into a freakshow, a circus. I want to fight for real."


"I want to fight in MMA because it's a personal challenge for me, it's not because of the money. I denied this fight because of the size and weight difference. I was always judged for being stronger, so I think that accepting it would be bad for my career, my image. The minimum I can make is 191 pounds. I said that I could make 198 pounds for this fight in Japan. The problem is that Real Fight wants me to face a Japanese. Here in Brazil there are some promotions that want me, like XFC. What I really want is to fight. I have taken a look at some girls' records, possible opponents. There is Amanda Lucas (5-1) and Lana Stefanac (6-0), who I faced in Jiu-Jitsu. They are big girls. If there isn't and opponent for me abroad, I'll make my debut in Brazil."

It's good to see that the Megumi Yabushita bout wasn't her idea, as it makes little sense for her to make a real stab at an MMA career by facing off against a 42-year old journey-woman bantamweight, just because she's already fought some big competition. In general it will probably be very hard for Garcia to get a good fight lined up. Amanda Lucas hasn't competed since 2012, and Stefanac hasn't set foot in the cage since 2008. While I'd like to see Gabi Garcie in MMA, and would like to watch her fight, the truth is that she may fall at the first hurdle in looking for a legitimate fight to take.