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TTTHS: McGregor wants to be bigger than Coke

Marble floors and hand carved doors...

What's up fight fans? Welcome to another exclusive episode of TTTHS (The Tommy Toe Hold Show) for SB Nation. I'm your cartoon host and non-blinking friend, Tommy Toe Hold. On today's episode, I take a walk through the Irish countryside with MMA's fastest rising star Conor McGregor for an in depth one on one and entirely fake interview. Eat your heart out Ariel!

Whether you think Conor's the best thing since DVR or you wish nothing more than to toss your television down a flight of stairs any time he appears on screen, you're most likely compelled by him, because Conor McGregor is a compelling guy. Not since Chael has there been someone with a tongue as sharp or ambitions so large which makes him perfect fodder for parody. Enjoy my take on the Notorious one and look for a lot more of my terrible Irish accent in the future.