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How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? MMA Halloween Costumes, Conor McGregor, Bilingual Twitter Beef

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


There's a ton of tweets below, but first, don't forget to follow me on twitter and instagram: @antontabuena

Oh, and these guys are probably worth following as well: The Official BloodyElbow Twitter Account, Kid Nate, Brent Brookhouse, Richard Wade, Chris Barton, D.E.O, Scott Broussard, Matt Bishop, Fraser Coffeen, Dallas Winston, KJ Gould, Ben Thapa, T.P. Grant, Steph Daniels, Zane Simon, Mookie Alexander, Mike Riordan, David St. Martin, David Castillo, Connor Ruebusch.



"Holy shit I almost got tatackled by the gas attendant pump guy apparently you can't pump your own fuel in Oregon"  -Donald Cerrone

"Ugh I need a date."  -Liz Carmouche, needs more context.

"happy to welcome to the family #170"  -Royce Gracie

"These boys are getting soft calling out fighters that are coming back from a serious injury or retired from the game! #GetSerious"  -Anthony Johnson

"we need to put an ear piece in the refs ear so they can get a 10 second countdown"  -Dana White



"Let's face it @bethecorreia you need 2 fight a top 5 ranked fighter b4 title shot, you havent even beaten a top 10 opponent yet #ImYourGirl"  -Miesha Tate

" I don't need to prove anything to you! "  -Bethe Correia



"I wish people gave more fucks about so we actually got some publicity for this fight ..."  -Ian McCall

" Tá me achando bigodinho lindo? Kkkkk. Esse bla bla bla é coisa de marica! Faça o seu trabalho que eu vou fazer o meu!"  -John Lineker

" English please ... And take the fork out of your mouth before you talk k? Thaaaanks cupcake"  -Ian McCall

"I feel like if I made chimp noises you'd understand me better. Ooo ooo aaa aaa I'm going to embarrass you fat boy"  -Ian McCall

" Grilo falante cri cri se quiser fale VC o português! Deve estar apavorado só pode kkkk conversará com minhas mãos "  -John Lineker

"Ian, that mustache is ridiculous! You should try a mohawk when you wake up after the fight!@Unclecreepymma"  -John Lineker

" I have enough stupid hair on my face and head already. A Mohawk is the last over done stupid shit I need on my body "  -Ian McCall







"Conor does know how to handle a room full of people that want to kill him ha"  -Isaac Vallie Flagg

"@rory_macdonald Thank you Rory!! Congrats on your last win brother. You were phenomenal!! #Honoured" -Conor McGregor

"Giving @TheNotoriousMMA another easy tune up match against another non wrestler is a really smart move by the UFC!"  -Ben Askren

"@Benaskren Hey pube head. I'm the No.1 contender. I could sit and wait. But multi 6 figure cheques feel so nice in my bank. You wouldnt know"  -Conor McGregor

"@TheNotoriousMMA try any of the bullshit ninja moves on me I'll throw ya on the ground slap you and tell you to stop with the childs play!"  -Ben Askren

"don't worry Conor, Even Askren's shit talking makes us fall asleep!"  -John Alessio



"It's embarrassing when you find out you've been calling someone the wrong name and then out of stubbornness keep calling then that name"  -Mitch Clarke

"Me and are having are names mixed up a lot , I think we should rock , paper , scissor , who keep the name"  -Mitch Gagnon

"no way. Pizza eating contest to determine the winner"  -Mitch Clarke

"done, but it will have to wait till dec20th , but you just chosen the wrong type of food , me and pizza go way back"  -Mitch Gagnon

"I want home field advantage then. And no weird flavors or toppings... fruit doesn't belong on pizza"  -Mitch Clarke

"agreed unless it's pineapple , but I think we should go all meat to be safe"  -Mitch Gagnon

"what type of crust? I propose deep dish"  -Mitch Clarke

"you might as well forfeit then"  -Mitch Gagnon

"never! I'll fight you til the last crumb"  -Mitch Clarke



Let the halloween festivities begin #homemadecostumesftw #mexican #pinata #halloween

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"@TheDolceDiet Keep talking, I'm gonna have a heart to heart talk with your glass jaw when I see you."  -B.J. Penn

"@bjpenndotcom Wow, very classy! Where was all this aggression on the night of July 6th?? #BullyJ"  -Mike Dolce



"A bird just shit on me..2nd time ever to happen. First time was while driving at 60mph, I wasn't even mad I was impressed lol"  -Cody Bollinger

"So a bat pooped on me... Twice. Felt like Ace Ventura for a second there."  -Anton Tabuena



FRIDAY! We made it. Go get em tiger

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Sweater weather #bts #zipmagazine #fallwinter #michaelkors @laurenleemakeup #modelone

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Always a good day when @aliciacarbajal does my hair/makeup! Shooting for @posh_shop_la with @thephotographer

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Who loves #Humpday ?✨

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