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Dana White: If everything goes right, Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor could meet next summer

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UFC President Dana White discusses the thrilling featherweight title fight main event between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes, as well as whether Aldo will face McGregor in 2015.

Minutes after witnessing what he considered the "best featherweight title fight" in the UFC's history, Dana White was already being bombarded with questions regarding potential title challenger Conor McGregor.

The boisterous Irishman was present at cage side during the UFC 179 main event between champion Jose Aldo and Chand Mendes, which brought about much speculation as to whether McGregor would be next in line for a coveted title shot.

Although the UFC's head honcho was non-committal on the potential encounter, he did hint at a potential summer clash if McGregor can get past his January opponent in Boston, Dennis Siver.

"Jose Aldo just finished this fight," White stated following the fights. "(McGregor will) probably fight in January in Boston. Then we can probably have a fight between those guys in the summer, if everything goes right.

"(Aldo) looked a little banged up tonight. He usually takes a little time off after his title fights anyway."

White was adamant that the promotion had not finalized plans for an Aldo vs. McGregor title fight, and insisted that nothing would be discussed until the Irishman gets past his final obstacle en route to the title shot.

"He doesn't know anything. First you have to go in and beat Dennis Siver. You don't ever want to jump ahead of fights. He has a fight with Dennis Siver. If he wins that fight, we'll figure out the how, who, when, and where."