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UFC 179: Fabio Maldonado vs. Hans Stringer Fight Video, Watch highlights from the Performance of the Night winner

Watch highlights from the bonus receiving win from Fabio Maldonado over Hans Stringer.

In case you missed UFC 179 earlier, Fox has released highlights from the main card bout between Fabio Maldonado and Hans Stringer. Maldonado won by TKO, and was awarded a $50,000 performance of the night bonus for his efforts. For a more in depth look, here's an excerpt from our play-by-play:

R1: Maldonado plants for a left hook and Stringer bowls him over with a single leg. High half guard for Stringer, using his length to smother Maldonado with a few elbows interspersed. Maldonado underhooks on the wrong side, effectively trapping him in half guard. After some methodical control, Stringer postures up and heaves down a few right elbows. Stringer threads the needle, slipping his leg out of half guard for a mount pass.

Maldonado bucks him off and spins into turtle position then stands back up. Stringer puts him right back down with a body lock throw and closes the frame on top. 10-9 Stringer.

R2: Stringer closes the gap with a cross-hook combo and locks horns with Maldonado, who's able to work out after a brief struggle. Stringer dings Maldonado with an overhand counter. Stringer lands a light outside low kick and Maldonado waves him on, prompting a left high kick that's blocked. As soon as Maldonado steps in, Stringer changes levels and snatches the single leg, turning the corner to complete it.

Maldonado takes a knee and sneaks out the back door when Stringer leans too far over with the rear waist lock. Stringer balls up and allows Maldonado to posture and pepper him with a prolonged volley of ground and pound. Maldonado enjoys some target practice as Stringer lies perfectly still and covers, and the hail of punches and elbows persuades the ref to intervene.

Fabio Maldonado defeats Hans Stringer by TKO (punches and elbows) 4:06 R2