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Aldo not impressed with McGregor’s brash approach: ‘Chael Sonnen did that in his weight class, and now he's lost’

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo compared Conor McGregor to former middleweight and light-heavyweight title challenger Chael Sonnen.

Buda Mendes

Jose Aldo is not one to call out his potential title challengers - particularly following an enthralling five-round thriller against his longtime adversary Chand Mendes. However, the Brazilian featherweight kingpin could not resist a slight jab at Conor McGregor during his UFC 179 post-fight interview.

"My court is full now," Aldo revealed following the win. "I am the king, Chad is the prince, and there is a joker now."

Aldo was later able to elaborate on his comments at the post-fight press conference, where he immediately compared McGregor's brash approach to that of former middleweight and light-heavyweight title challenger Chael Sonnen.

"He's a guy who just talks," Aldo said through an interpreter. "He hasn't fought anyone as tough as us. So to get here right now and talk, I've heard that a lot. Chael Sonnen did that a lot in his weight class, and now he's lost, so he can talk as much as he wants."

Aldo did, however, commend Mendes for his efforts during the UFC 179 main event, and did not rule out a potential trilogy fight down the road.

"We're grounded, we have our feet on the ground," Aldo said. "Chad and I, we know what the weight class is like. We're athletes, we have to respect each other, we know that in there we make it happen, and that's what we wanted to say."

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