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UFC 179: Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes 2 full fight video highlights

Watch the full fight video highlights for the UFC 179 main event between featherweight champion Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes.

On a fight card deemed top-heavy, featherweight champion Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes produced an easy ‘Fight of the Year' candidate in their main event match-up. The contest was enthralling from the get-go and featured a wide range of momentum shifts and interesting incidents to keep the action compelling.

Read Dallas Winston's play-by-play for the final round of action:

Mendes times a double leg on an Aldo kick and puts the champ on his butt cleanly for the first time. Mendes pinches the legs to prevent the cage walk and pulls Aldo away from the cage. Aldo finds his footing, stands up and shoves Mendes away. Lead right glances off Mendes' chin. Aldo stings with a punch and then plunges a step-in knee to the body, forcing Mendes to take a knee.

Aldo gets the half back-ride but can't secure it and they separate. Mendes misses with an uppercut and Aldo plugs him with a hook-cross combo. And another finds the mark for the champ. Mendes ducks under a left hook and Aldo shoves him away, then complains to the ref about a low blow, but action resumes. Aldo snaps a jab and a cross through; Mendes slips in a quick right hand. 10-9 Aldo. I have it 49-47 for Aldo.