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UFC 179 results: Jose Aldo earns decision in brilliant fight with Chad Mendes

Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes put on a show in the main event of UFC 179 with Aldo coming out on top with a decision win.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Aldo came out in round one of his UFC 179 main event title fight with Chad Mendes and looked to engage on the feet. Both men scored with some good shots before Mendes knocked Aldo down with a good left hand. Aldo tried to get back on track quickly but Medes was doing a very good job of countering Aldo's strikes with quick punches of his own.

Mendes looked very confident through the first and scored a quick takedown after a knee from Aldo. Aldo managed to get up quickly and hurt and dropped Mendes. Aldo then pounced on the ground and landed some big shots and got the mount briefly. Mendes got up and Aldo landed a huge flurry which included two shots after the horn began to sound for the end of the round.

Round two saw Aldo throwing some good leg kicks and working his punches but Mendes was still trying to work the counters and began to throw his own body and leg kicks.

In round three it was Mendes hurting Aldo briefly before Aldo came back and hurt Mendes badly. Aldo continued looking for the kill and rocked Mendes again. Aldo kept tagging him before Mendes finally ducked under and got a takedown for a second but Aldo stood up. Mendes began throwing foot stomps and neither man was able to get a finish as the fight went to the championship rounds.

Mendes had a very strong round five, landing some very good right hands. Aldo still had some very good moments, including a solid two punch combination late in the round.

Mendes landed some very hard shots coming out for the final frame. He then finally scored with a beautiful double leg takedown and put Aldo down on his butt with his back on the fence. Aldo did manage to get back to his feet without taking much for damage and helanded some very good combinations and then a hard knee to the body. Mendes turtled against the cage while Aldo looked to keep him down but Mendes got back to his feet. The two me closed out the fight throwing big strikes.

The three judges saw the fight as 49-46, giving Aldo four of the five rounds. It was an incredible fight and everything one would hope for when the two best fighters in a weight class meet in the cage.

Fights like this work to cement Aldo's legacy as one of MMA's greats.