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The MMA Prospectus/Triple Slash Line: The top prospects of UFC 179 & our favorite dirty fighters

Zane Simon and Patrick Wyman are back to talk about the prospect heavy card that is UFC 179, and what some of our favorite dirty fighters are.

I've been hornswoggled, bamboozled, hung out to dry! I demand a recount, compensation; I didn't get a fair shake!

Okay, so we're the MMA Prospectus now, it's offical. And that's fine... really, it's fine. See how fine it is, that I'm still posting this show to all of you, instead of erasing it and making my own awesomer show... I totally didn't almost do that.

In today's episode T.P. is missing (we've alerted authorities), so Pat and I are tackling the tough topic of who our favorite dirty fighters are. And more than that, what's so good about dirty fighting, at least sometimes. We're also talking about the best prospects of UFC 179, of which there are a surprising number, because we're a prospects show. That's what we're here for.

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