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Tor Troeng retires from MMA following loss to Krzysztof Jotko

A competitor on season 17 of TUF, Sweden's Tor Troeng has decided to call it quits after a 1-3 career in the UFC.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

MMA is a strange sport, unlike baseball or football (and to a lesser extent basketball) it offers a wealth of opportunities for fighters to keep competing at a reasonably public level once their time at the pinnacle of competition is done. So, for some fighters this means a long winding career of comebacks and small show headliners, slogging through the regional scene just to stay in the game for a few more years. However, on occasion, fighters are willing to wrap their career up on a public, and somewhat final note, rather than slowly drifting off into the background. Tor Troeng is the most recent of such fighters, as he announced his retirement in a recent interview with

He posted a statement to Facebook concerning the article, which has translated:

"After almost 10 years as a professional MMA fighter, it’s time for me to move on. I have decided to put the gloves on the shelf. The joy and motivation needed to perform at the highest level is no longer with me," he wrote.

"I love MMA. MMA has given me many memorable moments, hard training, meetings with amazing people, and above all a lot of joy. I want to thank everyone who has been with me on my journey in one way or another. From its inception in Umea to the big international arenas. Thanks coaches, family, friends, friends, fans and everyone else who believed in me and been by my side. You know who you are. See you soon."

In the interview itself he talked of his loss of motivation while working in the UFC, saying that he was not sure why, but that he no longer found joy in competing. It's a tough wall to hit, and one that has, unfortunately showed up in his performances in the cage, dropping increasingly one sided decisions to Rafael Natal, Trevor Smith, and Krzysztof Jotko.

Fortunately for Troeng, and unlike many of his coutnerparts, he's got a career as a research engineer working in applied mathematics at Umea University to fall back on. So, hopefully his retirement from MMA should be a happy and productive one.