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Details: Anthony Johnson due back in court next Wednesday for restraining order hearing

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Details on the current court case involving Anthony Johnson, his ex-girlfriend and the restraining order obtained following allegations of threats and a history of domestic violence.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Johnson will be back in civil court next Wednesday, in what should be the conclusion of the case relating to the mother of his children filing an order of protection. Bloody Elbow broke the story of the allegations in mid-September, leading to the UFC issuing an indefinite suspension for the light heavyweight.

The two were in court on October 1 and a 30-day stay of the order of protection was granted. It appears that there was some confusion over technicalities relating to the ability of the order to be related to "domestic violence" given that the two are not in a current relationship, do not live together, and that "there has never been any type of acknowledgment or recognition of paternity upon the respondent." This was laid out in a motion to dismiss, submitted by Johnson's legal team in late September.

It appears that the initial judge on the case agreed and they were changed to a different judge for appropriate handling of the situation.

The woman in the case provided a series of e-mails from December 7, 2012 to Bloody Elbow that she says were filed with the court by her lawyer. The e-mails purport to be between her and Johnson, in the aftermath of an incident where he allegedly hit her and knocked out two of her teeth.

They include lines she claims were written by Johnson such as "Idk why I hit you babe, you were talking trash, so I whacked you. I didn't think it would knock your teeth out though.i swear I didn't mean to hurt you :)" and "I would never put my hands on you again. Your an amazing female I even told my grandmother how much you mean to me. I promise I'll will make it all up to you so you feel safe around me again."

Johnson's team claims that the e-mails filed with the court have numerous technical inconsistencies that prove their inauthenticity.

Not being a legal expert, I can't suggest that I know which way things will break when they return to court on the  29th, but much of Johnson's fighting future could be decided that day.

His suspension is indefinite, the UFC has claimed that they have a legal team assigned to investigate the case and UFC president Dana White has suggested that Johnson might never fight in the UFC again, regardless of the outcome of the case. White would go on to immediately make suggestions that the woman in this case wasn't trustworthy and seemed ready to build a defense for Johnson. All of this was stated while making it clear that Johnson lost a main event spot on a Fox show, a highly coveted position.

What has not been made clear is the extent of the UFC investigation.

Shortly after our report, a second story came out at MMA Junkie. This story brought to light a new police report, filed on March 19 of this year. A woman who had a prior sexual relationship with Johnson was at her place of employment when she alleged that Johnson "came at her, grabbed her shirt behind the neck and lifted her up from the chair. Johnson then grabbed her right arm and pulled it several times to have her closer to him."

The police report in the case described the victim as shaking and crying and the police claimed that there was an apparent "pattern of stalking." The woman in this case did eventually request the charges be dropped but stated to police that she wanted the incidents documented.

To date, any statements made by the UFC involving the case have been tied to investigating the case currently in court for the order of protection, but there has been very little made of the story from earlier this year, shortly before Johnson's first bout in his return to the UFC, a return that sees him seemingly one win away from a title shot.

And what of the 2009 case to which Johnson pleaded no contest and  was sentenced to three years of probation, community service and domestic violence counseling?

White has stated that, in the eyes of the UFC, "there's one thing that you never bounce back from and that's putting your hands on a woman. Been that way in the UFC since we started here. You don't bounce back from putting your hands on a woman." But, no one has really pushed to see how Johnson was able to come back from the 2009 case--or other fighters with similar incidents in their past who are still on the UFC roster.

The UFC's response to our inquiry was that they can not comment on the investigation as it's an open matter.

So, we sit and wait for Wednesday to have any idea of what is ahead in the career of Anthony Johnson.