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Conor McGregor promises to teabag Chad Mendes: 'I’ll rest my balls on your forehead'

Conor McGregor recently appeared on BT Sports' Beyond the Octagon and had a strange threat for Chad Mendes.

Conor McGregor, accompanied by his coach, John Kavanagh, made an appearance on Beyond the Octagon on BT Sports. While there, McGregor talked about about his place in the featherweight division, and he didn't shy away from what he felt his next fight should be. McGregor is pushing hard for a title shot, and told the crew at BtO that he's next in line. (transcript via Sean Sheehan of

"I am the number one contender, it's that simple." McGregor said when asked about the featherweight division.

"I hold the key to the biggest gate, the biggest attendance, to football stadiums. I'm not holding back, I'm not sitting and waiting. We have spoken with Dana, Lorenzo and Uncle Frank."

"When you have that backing, you have control." McGregor went on to say.

That's all well and good, but McGregor turned the rhetoric up to 11 when Chad Mendes showed up, via video, and challenged McGregor's wrestling ability. ""Do you even know what wrestling is?" Mendes quipped. Which brought about this strange reply.

"I'll rest my balls on your forehead"

So, I guess that's a no?

McGregor went on to say that, once he'd taken the belt from Aldo, he'd come back hunting for Mendes' "little midget head." All in all, it looks like McGregor is building himself up for a shot at the featherweight title, no matter who's standing with the belt after UFC 179. It'd be hard to see the UFC giving Aldo an immediate rematch, with McGregor stirring up Mendes for a, potentially, much bigger fight.