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Bellator 129: Bradley vs. Neer live results, streaming video, play by play

Bloody Elbow has top-to-bottom coverage of tonight's Bellator 129 event, which is captained by Paul Bradley vs. Josh Neer.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, streaming video of the preliminary card and in-depth play by play for Bellator 129: Bradley vs. Neer. In lieu of magnetic elements like Michael Page's striking panache or Marcin Held's grappling finesse, there is a distinctly gritty and blue-collar feel to the evening's assortment of contests.

The main event aligns two battle-hardened vets in Division 1 All-American wrestler Paul "The Gentleman" Bradley vs. the lanky and ever-game scrapper Josh "The Dentist" Neer. After UK heavyweight James Thompson was forced off the card with an injury, Kumeyaay Indian and Strikeforce vet Virgil Zwicker has stepped up to face Houston Alexander. The opening half of the match ups will feature potential prospects in Brazilian Luta Livre practitioner Andre Santos, who draws the criminally under-appreciated Cung Le product James Terry, and AKA's Davin Clark, who meets hard-nosed wrestler Joe Vedepo.

Bloody Elbow will feature live, streaming video of the entire preliminary card starting at 7:00 p.m. ET. Live play by play will commence with the Spike TV main card at 9:00 p.m. ET. The full lineup is listed below.

Bellator 129: Bradley vs. Neer

Paul Bradley vs. Josh Neer

R1: Bradley sails a high overhand through, then changes levels for an easy single leg. Neer angles for a triangle but Bradley sees it coming and shuts it down. Neer with a small cut over his left eyebrow. Closed guard for Neer, who leans over for a kimura but lands a pair of back-elbows to the head instead. Bradley with a body lock and little offense, eliciting a gesture about the inactivity from Neer. Bradley responds with a succession of short rights to the face.

More punches from Bradley as he adds some lefts in. Crossface from Neer in a closed guard but he's eating short and busy punches from Bradley. Neer straightens out his hips to make some space but Bradley body locks every time to maintain control. Bradley content to ride out the round with a lock-down half guard and body lock. 10-9 Bradley.

R2: Bradley shoots 20 seconds in and gets a double leg, then goes back to the body lock. Bradley smothers and throws insignificant punches to stay busy, and neither Neer nor the crowd are thrilled about it. Neer, frustrated, now talking to Bradley. Bradley passes to half but a near sweep from Neer puts him back in full guard. Neer throws a forearm from the bottom and Bradley answers with one of his own. More boos ring out at the one-minute mark. Neer gets wrist control but Bradley sees the triangle coming. Pressure-release elbows from Neer. Bradley postures up, kinda, with a few seconds left and lands a few rights.10-9 Bradley.

R3: Bradley fakes a level change but misses when coming up high with a left hook. Hesitant low kick from Neer, who shucks off the single leg. Short right sneaks through for Bradley. Outside low kick from Neer with a little more mustard on it. Bradley glances with a shot before circling out. Bradley hits a double 90 seconds in to the noticeable chagrin of the audience. Double wrist control from Neer in closed guard, then a short elbow.

Neer leans over for a kimura but Bradley adjusts. Grinding left hands from Bradley as Neer camps out with a half guard. Finally Neer explodes enough to create space and takes a knee but Bradley takes his back and puts both hooks in. Neer fights off the choke and spins into Bradley, falling into full guard. Bradley goes back to the body lock to keep Neer in place. 10-9 Bradley; 30-27 his way.

  • Paul Bradley defeats Josh Neer by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Houston Alexander vs. Virgil Zwicker

R1: Alexander catches a kick, rockets two right hands into Zwicker's guard and takes him down. Open guard from Zwicker as Alexander throws short shots, then cradles a leg to prevent the escape. Alexander digs a medley of right hands to the head and body as Zwicker fights his way up. Alexander with a hard knee to the body as Zwicker stands, then a bodylock takedown. Zwicker boxes the ears before controlling posture with a body lock.

Left hands from Alexander until Zwicker locks in double underhooks. Alexander, who's been driving with his forehead, lands a clear headbutt and referee Rob Hinds stops the action. As Hinds is verbally warning him on the pause, Alexander claims that Zwicker bit him. They restart: Alexander catches Zwicker's right roundhouse kick but can't convert it into a takedown, and barely ducks a nasty horizontal elbow from Zwicker. Zwicker winds up a looping uppercut but Alexander dodges it and lands a right. 10-9 Alexander.

R2: Alexander bobs Zwicker's head back with a plunging left. Zwicker just misses with a counter flurry and eats a long jab from Alexander. Zwicker responds by dinging Alexander with short right and then a scorcher; the most influential offense of the fight. Zwicker over-exaggerates a sprawl when Alexander fakes a level change. Zwicker with a two-step to the right and horizontal elbow that Alexander shells on.

Alexander goes downstairs with both hands. Zwicker answers with two of his own, landing the second. Straight right snaps through for Zwicker. Alexander ducks under an incoming flurry and gets the body lock to secure a takedown. Zwicker puts his head and shoulders on the fence but Alexander locks him in place with a high half guard and wrist control. Alexander looking to ride out the round on top. Zwicker scrambles free in the closing seconds and plasters Alexander with a right knee that immediately leaves a massive hematoma on Alexander's forehead. 10-9 Zwicker.

R3: Zwicker whiffs with a spinning back-fist and Alexander takes him down after 80 seconds transpire. Alexander bases down hard with strong head position, then rears up and throws another flagrant headbutt. Rob Hinds catches it right away again and states his intention to dock Alexander a point for the second headbutt violation. They go back to work on the restart with Zwicker once again barely missing with the step-in horizontal elbow. Zwicker winds up for another uppercut and gets countered by a punch on his front kick.

Zwicker cleaves another horizontal elbow and it glances off Alexander's guard but sneaks a shorter one through clean on the next exchange. Alexander changes levels and takes Zwicker down, but Zwicker addresses Alexander's strong head position with a series of spiking elbows to the forehead. After a steady stream of elbows and shots from the bottom, Alexander postures up slightly and starts landing right hands. Zwicker answers with a trio of reverse hammer-fists. 10-10 for an even round; 10-9 Zwicker with the point deduction. I have it 30-29 Zwicker.

  • The contest is ruled 29-28 Zwicker and 28-28 twice for a unanimous draw.

Andre Santos vs. James Terry

R1: Sharp jab from Terry penetrates Santos' guard. Santos holds his ground with a low kick and a counter jab. Santos unbolts a trio of wide hooks as he wades forward but Terry deflects the barrage. Double jab from Terry. Santos bounces a right hook off Terry's guard. Triple jab from Terry with a flush connection on the last. Another jab medley from Terry after a hard outside low kick. Santos backs him off momentarily with a step-in knee to the body but it only makes for a brief pause as Terry continues to swarm with long jabs.

Santos looks to counter with more of his wide hooks and ducks a big Terry overhand. Now Santos glances with a short right hook and wades forward with a lunging one-two, and landing the cross flush. Santos keeps the rhythm he's found and scores with a retreating right hook. Now a left from Santos followed by a lead right cross. Terry showing damage under his right eye. Terry pops Santos with a right hand but can't find the takedown. Santos clips Terry with two rights and his odd-angled punches are increasing in effectiveness. 10-10: Terry won the first half, Santos won the second.

R2: Terry comes out aggressively with two flurries and a left roundhouse kick, all of which miss. Santos backs off and then comes forward with more clubbing punches. Lead right hook scores for Santos. Straight jab for Santos, then a thudding right hand that slams through Terry's guard. Santos attacks Terry's hips and takes him down with a body lock but Terry hops right back up and separates. With straighter punches, the reach advantage of Santos is becoming key as Terry is having trouble penetrating with his jab.

Santos with good head movement and counter shots. Terry slips a left through. Another jab from Santos, then a short right hand. Santos' rhythm giving Terry trouble, though he starts to find the mark with his jab. Angle jab and right cross connects for Terry. Clubbing counter right lands clean for Santos. Double jab now from Santos. Terry attempts a rather sluggish level change with no set up and Santos easily stuffs it. Step-in left uppercut breaks Terry's guard. Then a right. Terry answers with a right of his own and scores a double leg with ten seconds left. 10-9 Santos by a close margin for his slight but steady striking advantage.

R3: Outside low kick to the thigh from Terry then, after a prolonged stalemate, he goes back to establishing his jab. Terry gets caught swinging with his hands down and Santos drops him with a thudding left hook. Santos tries to pounce but Terry scrambles back to his feet. We pause for an unintentional low blow on a Santos step-in knee. Terry doesn't take long and fires a few right hands on the restart. Santos uncorks a good 7-8 punch combination of wide loopers and lands a few of them.

Santos snaps Terry's head back with a retreating right cross but Terry changes levels and hits a reactive takedown. Terry passes to half and then takes Santos' back with a waist lock but Santos goes for the Sakuraba kimura counter and it gets Terry's attention. Santos uses the threat to shake Terry off his back and retain his guard. Santos goes into deep half guard but can't make anything happen before the bell sounds. 10-9 Santos. I have it 30-28 his way.

  • Andre Santos defeats James Terry by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Davin Clark vs. Joe Vedepo

R1: Vedepo comes out in a low stance, threatening to change levels. Clark circles out on a wild flurry from Vedepo, and again on a single leg shot with no set up. No dice on Vedepo's third attempt to tie up. Clark starts to pump a long, cautious jab from range. Clark tries a quick up-knee as Vedepo shoots but the gamble doesn't pay off -- he ends up with his back on the fence as Vedepo tries to pinch his legs together and pass.

Clark gets back to his feet and tries to counter Vedepo's clinch with a whizzer but Vedepo hits a hip throw from body lock. "The Doctor" lands in a favorable position and hops onto Clark's back in the scramble. With one hook in, Vedepo looks to strike but Clark has a vice-like, two-on-one grip on one wrist. Vedepo spikes down a few elbows, using his single hook to stay in the back ride as Clark tries to spin out. Vedepo starts focusing on the rear-naked choke in the last half-minute but makes no progress. 10-9 Vedepo.

R2: Vedepo closes the distance, landing a clubbing right hand and getting inside for a body lock. Clark fights it off but gets bowled over by Vedepo's momentum, and Vedepo switches to a front choke when Clark sits back on the fence. Clark hand-fights his way loose and turtles as Vedepo controls him from the front headlock. Vedepo threads an arm through in pursuit of an Anaconda choke and lands a short knee to the head as Clark slips out.

Vedepo continues to bulldoze Clark, once again moving to his back with the single-hook ride. Strong hand-fighting from Clark while defending but he's yet to even attempt much offense in the fight. Vedepo leans back and flattens Clark out to sneak his second hook in and spends the waning seconds of the round fishing for a choke. 10-9 Vedepo.

R3: Vedepo barges into range and puts Clark on the fence, quickly moving to the rear waistlock and taking Clark down. Single-hook back ride again from Vedepo, then a hard crossface followed by a series of short hammer-fists. Clark stays in the same position and covers throughout the flurry, which intensifies. Vedepo gradually amps up his output until referee Rob Hinds warns Clark to fight back, then steps in to wave it off.

  • Joe Vedepo defeats Davin Clark by TKO (punches) at 2:27 R3

Preliminary Card Results

John DeVall vs. Chris Lane (still to come)
Eric Howser defeats Tim Bazer by TKO (submission to strikes) at 4:11 R1
Michael McBride defeats Kevin Morris by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:32 R1
Martin Brown defeats Bryan Corley by TKO (punches) at 0:42 R2
Jozette Cotton defetas Holly Lawson by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 30-26)
Anthony Smith defeats Brian Green by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-26 x 2)
Victor Moreno defeats Marcos Marquez by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)