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Wrestler pairings set for November's NWCA All Star Classic

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On the first day of November, 2014, the first major event of the college wrestling season comes to Philadelphia as some of the nation's best wrestlers face off at the NWCA All Star Classic.

The University of Pennsylvania host this year's NWCA All Star Classic, the nation's premier early season wrestling event.

For the third straight year, Wrestlers in Business Network (WIBN) will run the Classic at the behest of the NWCA, and for the third straight year, I would expect the event to be pretty successful. The last two years the meet took place in the DC area and enjoyed very respectable attendance, this year, however, the Classic comes to Philadelphia, a city right at the doorstep of some of the United States most prominent wrestling hot beds.

This year a large crowd will enjoy an impressive slate of wrestlers; every participant is an All American, and half the weights feature the returning national champion. In other words, this All Star Classic really consists of all stars. To ensure as much excitement as possible, the matches will not start in weight order, rather, the organizers of the event will sequence the matches according to fan appeal. I will assume that the match between Logan Stieber and Mitchell Port will occupy the main event spot. The weight-by-weight match ups appear below

In parentheses is their place at the 2014 NCAA tournament

125 pounds- Nahshon Garrett, Cornell (2nd)  vs Joey Dance, Virginia Tech (4th)

133 pounds- A.J. Schopp, Edinboro (4th) vs Mason Beckman, Lehigh (6th)

141 pounds- Logan Stieber, Ohio State (1st)  vs Mitchell Port, Edinboro (3rd)

149 pounds- Jason Tsirtsis, Northwestern (1st) vs Joshua Kindig, Oklahoma State (2nd)

157 pounds- James Green, Nebraska (3rd) vs Ian Miller, Kent State (4th)

165 pounds- Alex Dieringer, Oklahoma State (1st) vs Nick Sulzer, Virginia (3rd)

174 pounds- Robert Kokesh, Nebraska (4th) vs. Brock Gutches, Southern Oregon (NAIA 3x national champion)

184 pounds- Gabe Dean, Cornell (3rd) vs. Jack Dechow, Old Domminion (4th)

197 pounds- Scott Schiller, Minnesota (3rd) vs. J'Den Cox, Missouri (1st)

285 pounds- Nick Gwiazdowski, NC State (1st) vs Mike McMullan, Northwestern (3rd) will stream the match live online, and Fox Sports will broadcast it on tape delay at a time to be determined. For more information, please visit the All Star Classic's homepage.