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Tommy Toe Hold Show: Nate Diaz calls out the entire division

Stockton 209 WHAT!?

What's up fight fans? Tommy Toe Hold here bringing you another exclusive episode of TTTHS (The Tommy Toe Hold Show) for SB Nation.

There is not a person or cartoon in the world that was more excited than me when the news broke that Nate Diaz would be returning to Rafeal dos Anjos this December. If you have ever watched my show, you know that my talents (I use that word loosely) mean absolutely nothing because the only reason I even have a show is Nick and Nate Diaz. Whether in the cage or out of the cage, the brothers Diaz seem to always offer up some form of MMA humor, and Nate coming back to the UFC means I can have lunch tomorrow without sneaking out the window of the bathroom when the check comes. Without further ado, here is Not Nate, his manager Not Mike Kogan, and a loud mouth cartoon talking contracts and the lightweight division.