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Christy Mack gives us an Instagram update on her appearance

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Two months after her alleged brutal assault by her ex boyfriend Jon 'War Machine' Koppenhaver, the adult film star is on the mend and smiling again.

For fans of Christy Mack the human being, the only thing more disturbing than the jaded orgy of clickbait content surrounding her assault was her complete disappearance from social media. Obviously she had bigger things to deal with than discussing whether 'the pornstar deserved it' with the quality of commenters that emerge like santorum from happenings like this. But before the attack, her twitter and instagram accounts were regularly stocked with moments from her daily life.

Pictures of her dogs. Memes. Selfies. And because she is an adult film star, as much nudity as these social networks will allow (Thanks for that, Silicon Valley). Then the attack happened, and since then her streams have all but come to a complete stop. There have been a few updates thanking her supporters and the doctors who continue to work hard at repairing her appearance. But her social media speaks to a life interrupted, of normalcy and routine destroyed.

So it is nice to see a couple of updates from Christy this week - some pictures of pitbulls and otters (personal favorites of hers) and this photo update of her looking great, all things considered:

Christy Mack October 10th

Her attached comments, though, point towards the continued difficulties of trying to recover from an assault as brutal as the one she endured:

Sometimes half of your temp teeth decide to fall out to match the rest of your face. Thanks to Dr. Motykie for fixing the damage to my nose, and Dr. Adam Lousignont of Las Vegas for the temp tooth fix... again. Left was Monday right is today. What a difference a few days makes! I'm starting to breathe out of my nose again and today I'm going to get my glasses. One day soon I'll be going to New York to see Dr. Toscano and get my permanent teeth.

It has been just over two months since the attack, and it sounds like she still has a ways to go. Here's hoping she continues to improve in body and spirit, and her Instagram returns to being a place where she shares pictures of smiling faces and slobbery dogs.