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Rampage Jackson believes UFC lied about his purse: ‘It is just propaganda’

Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson explains why he has been unable to retire with the overall sum he earned fighting for the UFC.

Quinton ‘Rampage' Jackson is once again making MMA headlines with disgruntled comments directed towards the UFC.

The former light-heavyweight champion and current Bellator employee revealed that he could never have retired off the money he made during his six-year stint with the UFC. While Jackson fought 12 times for the promotion and headlined one of the biggest PPV events in the show's history, he is adamant that once you factor in taxation and other expenses, it becomes significantly less income.

"If I had just quit fighting for the UFC and retired, I wouldn't be able to retire for the rest of my life," Jackson told FightHub.TV. "I don't think so just because of how many kids I've got and what I plan on doing. Especially not off my MMA money; not after you pay your taxes, coaches, manager their percentage, you don't walk away with the number that they (UFC) say that they pay you."

According to UFC President Dana White, Jackson made a grand total of $15.2 million fighting for the leading MMA promotion. However, ‘Rampage' is quite certain that is nothing more than promotional propaganda.

"The UFC put out a big number that I made over the years, and honestly I don't believe that it's true. They lie about a lot of stuff. It is just propaganda."