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Bellator 128: Dantas vs. Warren live results, streaming video, play by play

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Top-to-bottom fight coverage of tonight's Bellator 128 event, which is headlined by Eduardo Dantas vs. Joe Warren for the bantamweight championship.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, free streaming video of the preliminary card and detailed play-by-play as Bellator 128: Dantas vs. Warren transpires from the WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, OK.

Captaining the card is reigning 135-pound champion Eduardo Dantas vs. interim champion Joe Warren in a battle for bantamweight supremacy. Stylish sniper Michael "Venom" Page looks to sustain his string of highlight-reel finishes against hard-nosed Philly scrapper Nah-Shon Burrell in the co-main event while Bellator debutantes Dakota Cochrane, who's filling in for an injured John Gunderson, draws Alexander "Tiger" Sarnavskiy and Emiliano Sordi faces Bubba McDaniel.

Bellator 128 Main Card (Spike TV at 9:00 p.m. ET)

Eduardo Dantas vs. Joe Warren (Bantamweight championship)

R1: Warren ducks under and shoots for a body lock, using it to push Dantas against the fence. Dantas whizzers hard and pushes on Warren's hips to stay upright before spinning off the fence. Warren cuts off his angle and puts him back on the cage, switching from the bodylock to the double leg. Dantas defends and pummels for an underhook. The first half of the round boils down to Warren unsuccessfully pushing for a takedown.

On the break, they explode into action: Warren lands a quick up-knee to the face, connects with a glancing jump knee and then whiffs with a surprising Capoeira martelo kick. They clinch up and Dantas slams a heavy horizontal elbow to Warren's jaw. Warren loads up two massive overhand rights and follows behind the second to clinch up, allowing him to hit a Greco throw. Dantas scrambles back to his feet but he's caught in the rear waist cinch. Warren throws knees to the hamstrings. 10-9 Warren.

R2: Warren sneaks in a lead right. Dantas snaps his head back with a sharp jab. Dantas throws a knee and Warren counters with a double leg but Dantas pops right back up. Warren takes him down from the rear waist lock but again the slippery Dantas is back on his feet quickly. A short knee downstairs for Warren from the clinch. Dantas hits a slick Ashai Barai sweep from the clinch and hops into mount as Warren tries to cage walk.

Dantas tries to gift wrap Warren's arm but settles for strong posture in mount with Warren's back on the cage. Warren bursts off the cage to dismount Dantas and they restart in the center. Left/right hook combo is there for Dantas. Warren bull-rushes him again and gets the body lock; Dantas slips out and lands a spinning back fist. Left body kick lands for Dantas followed by a scorching step-in knee. Warren dives on a single and, after a short lull, switches to a double and gets it, but Dantas scoots free again. 10-9 Dantas.

R3: Dantas uncoils a looping uppercut and two more punches, then chops away at Warren's leg with a low kick. They both have kicks blocked. Dantas covers on Warren's charging flurry of punches but can't shrug off Warren's next takedown attempt, falling back into a closed guard. Dantas slings a leg over for a triangle and Warren stacks him to break it, then defends Dantas' transition to an armbar.

Dantas gets back up but he's back in Warren's waist cinch, using the kimura counter to break the clinch. Warren dives for a single but he's lost some of his explosiveness. Warren scores with an uppercut and takes Dantas down from the rear waist cinch. Dantas blocks Warren's attempt to pass to full mount so Warren bases down in half guard, riding out the round on top. 10-9 Warren.

R4: Short right hand lands for Warren. Sharp outside low kick from Dantas. Warren times a duck-under double leg and gets it, taking Dantas' back in the ensuing scramble. Dantas pushes off the cage to sweep and they restart on the feet. We pause briefly for an accidental poke to Dantas' eye. Warren shoots on the restart and holds Dantas on the fence in high-crotch position.

They separate and Dantas scores cleanly with a right and left hand. Warren shoots and ends up with the rear waist lock. Dantas spins to face him and nearly hits an outside trip but Warren counters with a strong whizzer and they separate after the scramble. Dantas lands another left/right combo with Warren on the fence. Warren gets back after him and ends up in the rear waist lock again. They split with 30 seconds left and Dantas has a spinning kick blocked.Dantas lands a jump knee to Warren's head and closes the round with a one-two. 10-9 Dantas in a very tight round.

R5: Warren with two heavy left hooks, then he shoots as Dantas fires a left back, getting the takedown. Snap-down elbows from Warren in Dantas' guard. Dantas nearly secures the triangle and they end up in a tangled mess after the scramble. Warren lands a kick to the face while they're both inverted and referee John McCarthy stops to assess Dantas and the foul. They restart after McCarthy threatens to dock a point from Warren for the next infraction.

Dantas steps in with a knee but Warren powers through it to get the body lock, and Dantas curiously gives up the rear waist lock again, allowing a Warren takedown. Warren hops into back control with one hook but he's too high and Dantas dumps him over his head; Dantas looks for back control but the feisty Warren slips free. Warren works on a high crotch but Dantas hits a switch and just misses with a head kick. Warren ducks a right hand and lands a knee to the body. Dantas marches forward and Warren drops for a double leg, getting it. Dantas escapes and Warren keeps him on the fence with the rear waist lock. Dantas spins out but Warren buries his forehead in to control Dantas until the bell sounds. Another ultra-tight round but I'm going 10-9 Warren, giving him the deciding 48-47 edge overall.

  • Joe Warren defeats Eduardo Dantas by unanimous decision (48-47 x 3)

Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Michael Page

R1: Page comes out in a completely closed stance with his hands down. Burrell puts his head down and bull-rushes forward but Page circles out once his back hits the cage. Burrell clinches again and Page circles off, but stays connected on the fence this time. Burrell uses an underhook to circle Page back against the fence and they separate. Page flings an axe kick that glances off Burrell's head. Burrell unhinges two monster right hands and connects flush on the second.

Page starts to wind up his right hand, showboat style, and Burrell rushes him again and puts him on the fence. Burrell changes to a single leg but Page hits the switch as Burrell tries to run the pipe. Burrell dangerously hopping into range to stay out of kicking distance but he succeeds in tying Page up. Page breaks the clinch on two occasions and Burrell stays glued to him. They split with 37 seconds and Burrell steps in to jam Page's tornado kick attempt. Page lands a spinning kick to the body and nearly takes Burrell's back as the frame closes. 10-10 for even and mutually effective offense.

R2: Page opens with a jumping hook kick and Burrell ducks it and clinches up, then misses a right hand on the break. Burrell stays adhered to Page and looks to sink a hook in from a brief look at the rear waist lock but Page spins out an breaks free. Burrell blocks a snapping left high kick. Page slips a wild right after breaking the clinch, then whiffs with a spinning back fist.

After a prolonged battle for position in the clinch, Page hits an outside trip but Burrell scrambles back to his feet. Page has a spinning kick blocked and ducks under Burrell's return kick. 10-9 Page -- Burrell was all clinch with little offense.

R3: Page steps in with two low kicks and misses with a lunging left. Burrell clinches, looking to secure a bodylock. Page ducks under an arm and moves to the rear waist lock but bails on it. Page lands a quick, tight, three-piece flurry and smiles. Burrell flings an outside low kick. Quick counter right lands for Page as Burrell's coming in. Burrell latches on again and looks for a double, then switches to a half-hearted high crotch.

Page tags Burrell again with an uppercut but gets taken down while attempting a spin kick. Page gets strong wrist control from guard but Burrell bases down to control his hips, preventing a triangle attempt. Page creates space and stands up, separating to throw a spinning back fist that Burrell ducks. 10-9 Page. I have it 30-28 his way.

  • Michael Page defeats Nah-Shon Burrell by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Dakota Cochrane vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy

R1: Cochrane nearly gets taken down during a jump knee attempt but stands up and lands a volley of rugged knees from the Thai plum. "Tiger" breaks free and lands a spinning back fist, then plunges two straight punches through Cochrane's guard. Cochrane counters with a double leg and a stalemate ensues on the fence as Sarnavskiy defends. They break and Cochrane lands a horizontal elbow but eats a straight left and gets blasted by a Sarnavskiy jump knee. Cochrane turtles and Sarnavskiy hops on his back and finishes with the mata leao.

  • Alexander Sarnavskiy defeats Dakota Cochrane by submission (rear-naked choke) 2:32 R1

Bubba McDaniel vs. Emiliano Sordi

R1: Sordi rushes forward and glances with a right cross, forcing McDaniel to change levels for a single. Sordi wards off the takedown with the front headlock and then shuts down McDanniels counter whizzer, then falls back for a half-guard guillotine when McDaniel over-extends his head. McDaniel gets caught in full guard while trying to pass and Sordi changes his grip to force the tapout.

  • Emiliano Sordi defeats Bubba McDaniel by submission (guillotine choke) 0:58 R1

Preliminary Card Results

Cortez Coleman defeats William Florentino by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
Jason Butcher defeats Andreas Michailidis by TKO (punches)
John Teixeira defeats Scott Cleve by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)
Emmanuel Sanchez defeats Stephen Banaszak by submission (rear-naked choke) 2:18 R1
J.C. Cottrell defeats Jonathan Gary by submission (guillotine) 3:38 R2
Brandon Seyler defeats Demario Cade by submission (rear-naked choke) 1:25 R1