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MMA Tete-a-Tete: Zane Simon and Patrick Wyman talk about what it means to be a prospect in MMA

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I brought in Patrick Wyman, now of, to talk about prospects, and our expectations of them, among a host of other topics.

So, one of my recent jobs lately has been to help T.P. Grant with the process of taking over Patrick Wyman's prospect scouting. As such, I've been watching a lot of film on a lot of young fighters, and just generally getting a better feel for what a rising prospect in MMA looks like. And it's to that end that I thought this would be the perfect time to bring Wyman back to BE, for a chat about some of the fighters he scouted, and why they have or haven't quite hit expectations yet. We also spent a bunch of time answering a litany of questions like "How do we get more talent at heavyweight and light heavyweight?" or "What's the best path for a young fighter to take, on their way to the UFC? All told, there was a ton of stuff to go over when looking at just what goes into a "blue chip" MMA prospect.

As an aside, because his face often scares small children, I had to switch off Wyman's camera in the hangout. So, this episode is mostly audio. Just an FYI. And of course, if you enjoyed this video, give MMANATIONDOTCOM a follow on YouTube. You can also watch this video there, if our Ooyala player isn't working for you.