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Dustin Poirier responds to Diego Brandao's 'excuses'

Dustin Poirier didn't take too kindly to Diego Brandao's comments earlier this week regarding their UFC 168 fight.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Dustin Poirier picked up one of the bigger wins of his career when he stopped Diego Brandao on the main card of UFC 168. All sorts of weird things have happened since the bout though. Poirier stated that Brandao threatened to stab him, which Brandao admits to. And Diego went on a weird rant about why he lost the bout, saying he dropped Poirier twice (he didn't), and that Dana White said the other fighters are afraid of him. Tired of Brandao's "excuses", Poirier responded to Fox Sports:

"I don't even know what to tell you," the 24-year-old featherweight told FOX Sports. "I'm done with this guy. He's a win on my record. I'm over it. I'd love to give him a rematch. I'll fight him 10 more times. It'd be like padding my record. It's easy money. I could beat him all the time. I feel like I was more technically skilled everywhere the fight went. No problem. This is all talk. This is in the past for me. This is him trying to hold on to something and make excuses. The guy's a tomato can."

He also shot down Brandao's stance that a car accident hurt his training for the bout:

"It's nonsense," Poirier said. "It's just a coward thing to do, to make excuses. He could have showed up 100 percent, made weight and still gotten a beatdown. I was ready to fight and ready to win. I can't let what he said take away from my performance."


"I'm not a trash talker," he continued. "I don't like to talk down on people. When I said he's a tomato can while we were talking, that's just because he's trying to find excuses. To me that's what bums do."

The win was Poirier's second straight, while Brandao had a three-fight winning streak stopped with the TKO loss.

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