Top Prospects to Watch this Week

Here are some of the better prospects in action this weekend.

Happy New Heroic Battle - 11 Jan - Herne, Germany


Mohamed Grabinski (7-1) vs. Ruben Crawford (13-3)

Age: 22

Height: 6'0

Grabinski gets a chance to extend his winning streak to four against quality European regional fighter Crawford. Mohamed looks a little weak on his wrestling, but will attack off his back to make some space so he can get back to his feet. Back on his feet, Grabinski has some pop in his punches, but the technical aspects of his game are still developing.

Grabinski vs. Pokorny

Dakota Fighting Championships - 11 Jan - Fargo, ND


Amber Stautzenberger (4-1) vs. Lynn Alvarez (5-3)

Age: 26

Height: 5'6

Stautzenberger has won four in a row since losing a competitive pro debut to TUF: 20 cast member Paige VanZant. She can fight in all facets of MMA, with decent stand-up, wrestling, and grappling. A win against Bellator, and Invicta veteran Alvarez would put Amber in a good spot to get one of the remaining TUF: 20 cast members.

Stautzenberger vs. VanZant

Catchweight - 160

David Michaud (6-0) vs. Carey Vanier (11-5)

Age: 25

Height: 5'9

You might recognize Michaud as he lost to Eddy Ellis in the elimination round of TUF: 16. Since his quick turn on TUF he has won two fights, and now faces a Bellator vet in Vanier that could help him move back towards one of the big shows. He was scheduled to fight Tony Martin in this fight, but then Martin singed with UFC and will debut at UFC 169. Michaud was a South Dakota state champion wrestler in high school, and has some power in his hands. He has been working on his MMA game dating back to when he was still in high school.

Michaud vs. Spencer

Shooto - 13 Jan - Tokyo, Japan


Yuta Sasaki (14-1-2) vs. Keisuke Fujiwara (15-7-4)

Age: 24

Height: 5'10

Sasaki is the best prospect in action this weekend. I haven't gotten to my top 10 Bantamweight prospects yet, but Sasaki will be part of the list, unless UFC picks him up first. He is very tall for a BW, and when he uses his reach advantage he is an outstanding striker. The problem is that he hasn't always use his reach very well. Yuta also uses his long limbs well in the grappling game to sweep opponents, and control position on the ground so he can attack with submissions.

Sasaki vs. Yamamoto

Sasaki vs. Ito

Review from last week:

Up and Comers - 4 Jan - Rancho Mirage, CA


Top 10 middleweight prospect Chris Honeycutt (4-0) scored a 1st round TKO over Jake Gallagher (0-1) after his scheduled fight with John Brock (5-1) fell through. Honeycutt should be graduated from fighting anyone making their pro debut, and it is a shame that he missed out on the step up in competition.

Terrible job by camera guy... but you can see part of the fight.

Honeycutt vs. Gallagher


Everett Cummings (7-0) defeated Joe Cisneros (0-2) by 1st round submission. Cummings' original opponent Calvin Bell (3-2) pulled out, meaning that Cummings has still yet to defeat an opponent with a pro victory on their record at the time of the fight.

Reality Fighting - 4 Oct - Mohegan Sun Casino, CT


Alexander Keshtov (2-0) vs. Soap Am (3-0) was cancelled.

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