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TJ Grant still not cleared to fight after concussion in July

It's been just under six months since TJ Grant suffered a title aspirations ending concussion prior to his scheduled bout against Benson Henderson and he's still not been cleared to compete again.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

In a sport that regularly sees broken bones, torn muscles and ligaments, and facial cuts (not to mention the immense amount of casually doled out head trauma) it seems somehow wrong that a concussion suffered while grappling could keep a fighter sidelined for as long or longer than anything else (except busted knees, of course). But that's where we find ourselves with top contender and title hopeful, T.J. GrantBrett Okamoto of ESPN Tweeted the news on Tuesday:

It really does seem like Grant is proceeding with all due caution in order to continue his fighting career long term. Steps that really ought to be lauded in a sport where athletes often rush back from injury only to find themselves broken to the point where they can no longer compete. It's hard to say where his place in the lightweight division will be once he returns. I can't honestly see him getting an immediate shot at Anthony Pettis, but hopefully he'll still be among the top ten in the division. Be sure to stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more fighter news and updates.

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