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Brock Lesnar UFC rumors still being reported despite repeated denials

Even though the rumors of Lesnar's return got shut down, reports are still coming out that the former heavyweight champ and current WWE superstar is negotiating with the UFC.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

In the week leading up to UFC 168, rumors started swirling about UFC negotiations with Brock Lesnar and an appearance from the former heavyweight champion at the big event. For better or worse, Brock did not show up to the show.

Following Lesnar's absence, it came out that his current contract with the WWE is exclusive and wouldn't allow him to compete in MMA. Additionally, those close to Brock said they'd be 'shocked' if he ever returned to the fight game. However, Lance Pugmire of the LA Times claims he heard differently from UFC president Dana White just last week:

From the start, a return from BROCKLESNAR seemed unlikely. He's on a reportedly lucrative and low appearance contract with the WWE and expected to appear on their big PPV Wreslemania in April. Additionally, he left the UFC on a two-fight skid where he was brutally finished in the first round of both matches.

On the other hand, there's reason the UFC would be interested in him right now. Last month, they had big bread winner Georges St-Pierre announce an extended layoff with no expected return date. Champions Cain Velasquez and Anthony Pettis are on the shelf with injuries for the time being. And Anderson Silva is out after snapping his leg in the UFC 168 headliner.

That's their two biggest draws and two other champs out of commission which could have a devastating impact on their PPV model. They need a draw and they may have wanted Brock to fill that roll. That said, I never expected Brock's return and this is all probably just so much smoke in the air.

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