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Dana White on Brock Lesnar return: 'We'll see what happens'

Dana White remains open to the idea of Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC, even if he's still with WWE at the time.

At this rate, I figure we end up talking about Brock Lesnar's return until he's a feble 90 year old man. TMZ caught up with Dana White and brought up the subject again.

Whie seemed open to the idea of Lesnar being active in the WWE and UFC (transcription via MMA Mania):

"He wants to. We'll see what happens. He feels that, because of the illness he had while he was here, he feels that he wasn't 100-percent and he'd like to take another run at it. We'll see what happens. He wants to do both. He's doing great over there and when his scheduled opens up, he'd like to fight. Yeah, I got a good relationship with him."

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